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Medium Expandable Rolling Brief

@work, KR250X-4


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If you have to work on the go, this is the business case for you. This expandable rolling brief provides maximum organization with a 3 section design for electronics and business needs, files, and a 15.6" laptop. Also accommodates a change of clothing.
Height Width Depth Weight
US 12.5" 16.5" 7.5" 8.1 lbs
EU 32 cm 42 cm 19 cm 3.7 kg

Above dimensions with wheels and handle.Full specs

  • exterior
  • exterior
  • interior
  • rfid pocket
  • laptop sleeve
  • interlocking handle
  • wheel-foot
  • on model

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  • The best rolling bag

    The first thing you notice about this bag - the B&R KR250X4 - is that it looks much less like a ‘box on wheels’ than some previous B&R rolling computer bags (eg., its predecessor the KR306X4). The KR250X4 has a sleek design with more ‘layering’ of compartments so it looks like a real briefcase, albeit, one on wheels. My figuring shows that the new version is 1.7 lbs lighter, 0.5 inches thinner, 0.7 inches wider and almost identical in height to its predecessor). Even though the dimensions are not vastly different, this bag just seems to have much more room inside partly at least because the dividers are thinner and the bag is overall better organised - not that the older version was in any way poorly organised, the new one just seems better. While the new bag is 0.5 inches thinner in listed measurements (not including handles), I measure that in overall outside dimensions, it is closer to 1.0 inch thinner which amounts to quite a bit. On outside dimensions, I notice B&R now lists them on their site, something they have been asked to do for quite a while and something that is particularly important for a bag with outside handles.

    Being thinner, this bag will more easily fit in overhead bins (and airport sizers) and while I never had any real issues with the older version, it was tight (thickness-wise) in some overhead bins at times, and thinner is usually always better with this sort of bag. Maybe the biggest improvement however is the weight - 1.7 lbs less and this makes a noticeable difference when you come to carry the bag, especially fully loaded.

    In terms of general organization, as mentioned, this bag is great and just seems better than the older version. Using the same packing cubes for computer and related electronic gadgets as I used in the older version, this bag has more room left over - at least in my case (no pun intended). The new bag has no magnetic-closing compartment but more zippered compartments which open up widely with gussets when the zippers are down thus providing more access to the space. The clothes organizer section is a great addition given that with more overnight trips, there is a greater need to carry just a change of shirt and at least under-clothes (something I always do anyway) - and with thinner computers, that is easier to accommodate.

    This bag is very solidly built. B&R advertises a ‘new lighter fabric’ for the KR250X4 and while you might always suspect that this may mean it would tolerate less wear and tear, it seems to be as good as the older version - which still looks new - almost unused, despite quite a bit of use. The construction quality is impeccable with great attention to detail and no loose threads or poorly finished bits so often seen in cheaper bags, as well as in many of the more expensive, high-profile ‘name’ ones too!

    Cons? - well none that I can see really. This bag does not have ‘D’ rings to attach a shoulder strap to. Not having a shoulder strap seems pretty much standard on this sort of bag these days and while I never used the shoulder strap on the previous version, I would on balance, probably rather have the option of using a shoulder strap than not but the D rings can get caught in things especially there is no strap attached.

    Most of the above was written just after getting the bag but now I have done several long international trips with it (Australia is a LONG way from anywhere) and my early views on it hold - plus. I have also travelled on trains in Europe with it and find that as convenient as airports and planes. Now I travel with a real ultrabook which takes up even less width and so leaves more room for clothes in the KR250 if needed and certainly plenty of room for 1-3 days. My type of international travel is mostly weeks so I have to check a roller suitcase too. My personal item is currently a small-ish messenger bag that I can quickly 'decant' myself into (coins, phone, pens; anything that might upset security however innocuous) so for most of the time that I am actually travelling in the sense of on the move, I have that on me and the KR250X. The messenger slides over the handle of the KR250X so I am physically moving with just one bag.

    Overall - a great bag, very solid, very well thought out, and where appearance has been a criticism of B&R rolling computer bags by some in the past, this one looks great too.

    By bagobsessive, on 4/23/2016

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