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Excursion Backpack

BRX, BP240


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Our rugged yet refined Excursion Backpack is engineered for any type of travel, making it the ideal carry-on.  Its large u-shaped top opening provides easy access to the main compartment, while its padded laptop slip pocket keeps you connected on the go.
Height Width Depth Weight
US 18 in. 13.5 in. 7 in. 2.2 lbs
EU 45.5 cm 34.5 cm 18 cm 1.0 kg

Above dimensions with wheels and handle.Full specs

  • front
  • exterior
  • interior

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  • Excursion Backpack is a Winner!

    I have used this backpack to help me explore new continents and new countries and new cities while traveling by air and cruise ship for the last 2 years. It has held up well in damp weather and hot and humid weather. It has been an invaluable tool in allowing me comfortably to explore new places and know that my essential documents and necessary personal items are safe and secure and with me should I need them. Thank you.

    By World Explorer, on 7/15/2016

  • Very nice backpack

    I bought this for travel. I really like it a lot. It looks great, has lots of pockets, will carry my ipad, a small purse, an emergency set of clothes, treats, and other carry on essentials. It will also be useful for day hikes around exotic places. I do wish that the back of the backpack attached to the luggage handle at the top, and not just the bottom, for added stability.

    By Kristy, on 5/30/2016

  • Business Backpack

    After years of carrying a "briefcase" I switched over to a backpack four years ago, mostly so I could "pair" it with my B&R carry-on bag when in transit. I chose a well-known but much cheaper brand and did find it better than a briefcase. But, this year I bought this Briggs & Riley Excursion Backpack, mostly made as an "image" upgrade. I needed to look a bit more professional, and the backpack I was carrying was just too "youthful" and casual. I benefited in several ways other than just cosmetic, by upgrading to Briggs & Riley.

    First of all, the backpack has more structure. It's more rigidly made so it doesn't need to be packed full in order to stand upright when unattended. It doesn't flop over when unpacked which minimizes the risk of smaller items falling out when packing and unpacking. That's a huge plus when traveling. I can't afford to lose anything while traveling.

    The bag is well designed with plenty of compartments, large, medium and small, to accommodate a wide variety of items. I love the side pockets. The gusseted one holds my chargers, battery packs, cables and adapters. The other holds my Cliff bars and snacks. The medium-sized front pocket is great for headphone, notepads, pens and styluses, with dividers to keep everything organized.

    The larger inside pocket can hold everything from an extra pair of shoes, a toiletry bag, and/or a large travel pillow (rolled) but it also had a padded compartment for my iPad and/or MacBook Air (or similar laptop).

    It's easy to load and unload with the large zippered opening. I love the large flap as it allows easy access but also makes it difficult for someone to unzip without my knowing it, when walking through a crowd.

    The straps and webbing is complicated but once adjusted, it has worn very comfortably. I am very pleased, although I have been tempted to remove a few of the smaller support straps to keep them from dangling and tangling up in the airport security conveyor.

    All of the materials and hardware are of exceptional qualify and typical of Briggs & Riley products. I started carrying B&R over 20 years ago and wouldn't even consider a competitor's products. Previously, I only carried Tumi, but after having to deal with their non-existent warranty and repair process, I chose B&R and am a convert for life!!

    The Excursion Backpack is made for road-warriors who travel a lot and carry essentials that they need to access quickly and easily, while on the go. It's a very professional and classy looking backpack. I frequently receive compliments and inquiries about the backpack from senior executives who appreciate the quality and reliability offered by Briggs & Riley.

    There are larger and more expensive B&R backpacks but this model serves me very well. FYI: my domestic travel carry-on bad is a Briggs & Riley Baseline Commuter Expandable Upright, and it's the PERFECT carry-on bag for one to three day domestic travel. These bags look great together. I highly recommend them both.

    By Traveler Jonrolle, on 9/2/2015

  • excursion Backpack

    This pack was all I needed to hop a plane, a train, a car and back on a cross-country trip. When hiking in the Olympics this summer it turned the heads of several Seattle-ites: "Ooooh, where did you get that pack????" they exclaimed. It's smart looking and smartly designed. Lightweight, yet strong, it is now my favorite pack for the weekend or a minimalist week-long journey.

    By Fifi , on 4/20/2015

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