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Medium Upright Duffle

Baseline, UWD127


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This 26-inch rolling duffle bag is exceptionally roomy and provides a section for dressier items. Have the packing capacity and ease of a duffle bag, along with the convenience of a wheeled bag.
Height Width Depth Weight
US 27 in. 14 in. 16.5 in. 9.7 lbs
EU 68.5 cm 35.5 cm 42 cm 4.4 kg

Above dimensions with wheels and handle.Full specs

  • front
  • exterior
  • interior 2

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  • Great Bag for Europe

    I have been using this bag for business and vacation trips to Europe. It is absolutely great for the trains in Europe as it is narrow enough to fit in between the seats. I love the interior organization of the bag. The bottom compartment is great for suits and jackets and clothes that might get wrinkled. Side interior pockets are great for loose items. This is the only bag I use when traveling for more than four days and I have 100K on United last year.

    By TJ, on 4/20/2015

  • Worth Every Penny

    This is the best bag I have ever owned. I travel the world for business and this bag has been through the ringer, and is still going. I have had this bag repaired only once in its 5 year history. If it can hold up to what I put it through (Over packing, Heavy items, ETC) I have nothing but highest praise for this item. For the price, it is pricey no doubt, but it sure beats replacing a bag a year. With the no hassle guarantee worth the price.

    By Bill, on 4/20/2015

  • Amazing Duffel Bag!

    I can't believe a duffel bag can maintain its balance and roll so smoothly when both understuffed and overstuffed. This bag is my family's "go-to" bag for all trips, and has been on over 100 journeys since we got it. And that isn't easy business travel -- that's serious, two small kids, manic travel that really abuses a bag.

    We can mix up clothes and sports gear of all sorts (tennis, diving, you name it) and the duffel has just enough stiffness and flexibility to retain its shape and handle it all. The medium sized duffel is a really convenient size for a first checked bag, and its compact profile makes it easy to roll around airports and around town. My only regret is that I bought my duffel years ago before B&R started putting a zippered pocket under the top flap, which really helps to balance out understuffed loads.

    Had the handle fixed once under the B&R warranty (reasonably expected for the twisting and abuse my kids put it through) and it came back good as new.

    By 2left , on 4/20/2015


    I am having the same problem as some other reviewers. The handle on the two straps does not remain snapped when I lift the suitcase. Every time I lift the duffel bag the handle unsnaps and as a result the two straps are loose until you snap the handle. When I retrieve my luggage at the baggage carousel at the airport, the straps are always unsnapped. As expensive ($429.00) as this duffel was, you would think the handle would stay snapped.

    By ED, on 4/20/2015

  • Long-time owner

    I have had this bag for over 20 years. I have traveled to all seven continents of the globe and absolutely love the versatility of this piece of luggage. It moves easily through airports because of its narrow duffel size. It holds an enormous amount for a bag with these dimensions. I love the lower level where I can put hard objects, sports equipment, and my dirty items on the return trip. Interior access to the lower level has solved my only objection. Previously, the bag would often tip when the top section was full and you unzipped the lower level to get at whatever item happened to be there. This bag is easily identifiable on the airport carousel, as other people are trying to figure out whether the bag that's passing them is theirs or not. I have worn out my older bag, and knowing how much I loved it, my wife bought me this as a replacement. I couldn't be happier with her choice of gifts.

    By DB, on 4/20/2015

5 Item(s)

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