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How To Choose The Right Luggage For Your Cruise Getaway

Hauppauge, N.Y. August 16, 2006 – According to travel experts at Briggs & Riley Travelware, the luggage you choose can play a significant role in making your cruise getaway hassle-free. Briggs & Riley provides smart travelware solutions that will leave you feeling relaxed under the sun without worrying about the transport of your belongings. With an array of styles, features and sizes, Briggs & Riley has what you need to be stylish, functional and efficient. In order to cruise smoothly, you will need the proper luggage to accommodate all of your belongings, adhere to size restrictions, and also have the strength to outlast the vacation.

Jim Lahren, vice president of marketing for Briggs & Riley says, “It’s worth investing in high-quality luggage that you can trust. We understand that luggage needs to be strong and efficient to endure the rigors of travel. Our products are designed with this in mind and are able to provide a better travel experience. We also offer a wide variety of styles and sizes so consumers can choose the right luggage for their cruising needs.”

So if you’re in need of reliable luggage for your cruise vacation, consider the many options that Briggs & Riley offers. Choose from over 50 innovative styles with unique features from Briggs & Riley’s completely updated Baseline Collection.

Briggs & Riley travel experts offer the following luggage advice to make your cruising experience even more memorable:

Top Five Luggage Solutions for Smart Cruising:

  1. Don’t worry about when the cruise line delivers your checked-in luggage to your cabin. Travel with a small Carry-on such as the U420NX 20' Carry-on Expandable Upright® that you can take straight to your cabin so you’ll have a quick change of clothes at your immediate disposal. This way you can slip on your swimsuit and go to the pool or to the deck without having to wait for your porter.
  2. Off ship excursions call for a backpack and/or a shopping tote. You can easily store these inside your luggage and retrieve them when needed. The 255 Baseline Large Shopping Tote has a roomy main interior with pockets for organized storage. For more adventurous day trips, the versatile 603 Excursion Backpack is just what you need for sightseeing. Designed for superb functionality, this sturdy backpack will keep you organized and all your tech gadgets securely stored.
  3. One of the highlights of your cruise vacation will be the formal activities. You want your formal attire to look its best when retrieved from your luggage. Consider bringing a garment bag to keep clothes wrinkle-free. The 380 Baseline Long Garment Cover has room for up to three hanging garments perfect for packing your evening cruise attire. It includes a removable shoulder strap and has two large pockets that are ideal for undergarments, ties and scarves. For longer trips, try the U376 Deluxe Wheeled Garment Bag that provides space for up to six hanging outfits and plenty of pockets for accessories and shoes.
  4. For a trendy and casual look and for longer trips, consider a wheeled duffle. The UWD626 Baseline 26' Upright Duffle has room to accommodate up to six days worth of clothing and is built with a special bottom compartment that is ideal for packing shoes. The duffle can be folded easily and stored under the bed or in a closet.
  5. Keep your personal accessories and sundries secured, yet easily accessible during your cruise. A true cruising essential is a functional toiletry kit to keep all your sundries organized. A hanging tote is a practical solution. An excellent example is the Hanging Toiletry Kit 1112N that is waterproof, slim, and a breeze to pack. You can hang the kit right in your bathroom and use the small space efficiently without sacrificing comfort or accessibility.

The sleek Baseline Collection also offers unique patented features that distinguish Briggs & Riley from other brands.

The NXpandableUprights® in the redesigned Baseline Collection are now approximately 10 percent lighter and the One-Touch Expansion System™ gives you up to 30 percent more space at the touch of a button. The innovative OutsiderHandle System ensures flat packing for fewer wrinkles. Another smart feature is the SpeedThruSecurity Pocket that is conveniently located in the front of the bag, offering quick storage and retrieval of personal items when going through security checkpoints.

Cruising has never been easier with the Baseline Collection. With smart and stylish bags, you can be sure that your belongings are secure, so you can enjoy a relaxing cruise vacation!

About Briggs & Riley Travelware
Briggs&Riley Travelware is dedicated to building a lifelong relationship withits consumers by fulfilling all of their travel needs. The company’swide variety of innovative, high-quality luggage and business casesmatch smart design and exclusive features, with maximum durability andsuperb value. Briggs & Riley backs all of its products with thebest-in-the-industry Simple as that® lifetime performance guarantee, a guarantee that even covers damage caused by an airline. Please visit for a full list of the latest products and store locations, and follow us on Twitter for announcements on specials, promotions and new products.