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Make Your Connection: Breeze Through Airports with New Stacking System for Rolling Luggage

New York, N.Y. April 5, 2005 - In the last 15 years, millions of travelers have switched to rolling bags, which are convenient — until you try to stack a smaller wheeled bag on top of another wheeled bag. Then the problems start.

'You try to loop the bag's shoulder strap over the handle, and pretty soon the top bag is swinging out to the side, thumping your shins, banging other travelers. It can be pretty annoying,' says Jim Lahren, Vice President of Marketing at Briggs & Riley, a travel solutions company.

Briggs & Riley's revamped @work line eliminates this problem. It features a side-mounted panel that can be positioned as needed to firmly secure a smaller wheeled bag to the handle of a larger wheeled bag.

Lahren says it takes just two seconds to twist and secure the connecting panel. Short, powerful elastic cords, which are concealed under the panel when not in use, secure the smaller bag to the pull-up handle of the larger rolling bag.

In addition to the interlocking handle, additions to Briggs & Riley's @work line continue the collection's emphasis on meeting the needs of the business traveler. Many bags have specialized features, such as:

  • Quick access front pocket stores important items — especially useful when traveling through airport security
  • Organizer section with padded pockets for high-tech gadgets
  • Ergonomic shoulder strap for comfort

  • Removable accessory pouches for necessities

  • Elastic, hideaway ID card to conceal personal information

The new @work collection is not only tech-friendly, but bags are on average 20 percent lighter than previous editions. That is no small comfort for the road warriors who are among the company's most loyal customers. We know what it's like to run for that taxi, that shuttle and that faraway gate in the next terminal,' Lahren says. 'If our bags can make your work day a little easier and more successful, we've accomplished our mission.'

Briggs & Riley’s website,, provides a full list of the latest products and store locations. In addition, the website has a travel center that provides travel tips, advisories, travel news from top publications such as CNN, USA Today and The New York Times, and flight tracking. You can even make all your flight reservations right from Briggs & Riley’s website.

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