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International Carry-On Spinner



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Experience polycarbonate perfected with the Torq International Carry-On Spinner. The durability of hardside luggage with the versatility of a traditional suitcase, this carry-on features a lockable front compartment for easy access to a tablet and other quick-access travel essentials.
Height Width Depth Weight
US 21" 14" 9" 8.9 lbs
EU 53.5 cm 35.5 cm 23 cm 4.0 kg

Above dimensions with wheels and handle.Full specs

  • front
  • bumpers
  • ID tag
  • iPad pocket
  • outsider handle
  • wheel closeup

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  • Sturdy and Nice

    This is my ideal carryon. The outside pocket works great for a laptop and an Ipad. I haven't yet tried to cram my large speakers with it but thats on the next flight.
    A bit heavy but if you are okay with that there is no better bag. All the bells and whistles are worth it.

    By Sada Sat Simran, on 8/31/2015

  • General Manager

    I recently got myself an "International Carry-On Spinner". I used it on a four day international business trip. Perfect size for a few days of business attire/casual wear. The compression straps ensured my clothes arrived without the need to touch up with an iron.

    If you pack properly, you can fit more into this case than you think. As airlines are becoming more strict about the size of carry-on luggage, this bag will comply with their latest requirements.

    I have been using their Baseline range of products. Their Torq line is lighter and more attractive.

    By Rogndd, on 8/5/2015

  • Above Average

    Handles are difficult to grab. I prefer the soft padded handles used in other Briggs and Riley lines. Limited use of the front locking compartment due to the shallow depth.

    By Saguaro , on 4/20/2015

  • Too small

    I like the look and feel. The slot for a lap top is sweet.
    But the suitcase is small. Trying to fit clothes in for one day of travel did NOT work.
    Also wish customer service was better at getting to you about questions. I have tried to access the video on how to set my locks with no success. I have contact customer Service TWICE and NO ONE has responded. Very weak customer service

    By Fitmama , on 4/20/2015

  • Front pocket woes

    I like the hard sided suitcase, and bought this one and the medium spinner. They nest, for easy storage. My only complaint is the front pocket. Great idea, but not useful. It doesn't fit anything I try to put in it, and it takes up too much room from the inside of the suitcase. If I put something slightly too big in it, it jams the lock somehow, which is disturbing, as I don't know it's going to do this until after I've closed the front panel. I see that B&R has just come out with a slightly wider small TORQ without the front panel, and I've ordered it, as I think I will like it better. Now, what to do with this one?

    By BWeaves, on 4/20/2015

  • The BEST Carry on case... Anywhere!!!!

    This is Hands down the Absolute Best piece of Luggage I have Ever Owned!!! Not once was I ever concerned about my Carry on's contents! The design is pure genius and it was near effortless to move and maneuver the Case! Too many Pro's to really list here, But the Lifetime warranty has to be the top one! Oh yes... Lastly I have to say on my Month long Vacation to Europe, The Unique Design and Convenience of the locking Laptop/Tablet Side Access Door was Invaluable to me!!! Do yourself a favor and stop wasting your money on inferior junk Luggage that falls or breaks apart within a few years of use and forces you to replace it!!! You get what you pay for and with the Lifetime Guarantee(Which is rare to find in Luggage!), You'll never again have to throw money away... In fact you'll be saving a lot more money in the long run!!! I know I am!!! I was so impressed I bought the Medium Spinner Luggage as well!!! Next I think I'll get the Large Spinner and have the whole set!!! I'm very Happy with my purchase, Thanks Briggs & Riley!!!

    By Kevin, on 4/20/2015

  • Very Happy Bunny!

    With carry on cases now becoming smaller, it is difficult to find a good quality, easy to use and practical carry on. This was replacing a Tumi Tech equivalent that was around 7 years old, but has recently been rejected as carry on twice. I brought it as a recommendation from a colleague and now used it for 3 trips and have to say have been very impressed with the quality, the constriction and the various additions that a regular traveller will appreciate.

    First off let's talk about what you can and cannot fit in it. Reading through the other reviews I have to say packing is a personal decision; however after almost 30 years traveling one learns what is and what is not going to work for you as an individual. The amount of time lost in modern traveling checking in and out bags and reduction of stress, I will tend to go down to the bare bones on what I will take.

    My last trip was for 7 days to the USA and I managed to pack the following; a change of smalls every day (Socks & pants), 1 suit, 1 pair nice trousers, 1 pair of business shoes, 1 jacket, 1 pair of jeans,1 thin jumper, wash bag (lite - elec. shaver, hair brush, small box cufflinks, 100ml deodorant, 75ml hair gel, tooth paste, tooth brush), various paper files (front panel compartment) 5 long sleeve business shirts and 1 T shirt. At this stage I found it very full, and the interior strap system that helps compress the clothes was easy to use and extremely helpful and unlike other designs has a panel that keeps the clothes uncreased, unlike the regular tie down straps in my last case. (though opening the front panel does become difficult at this point and with the above load, would recommend NOT using it for an tablet, though with a typical Mon-Friday load for me, it will hold my ipad)

    Even with all this inside, the case is well designed with good 'balance' points where the handles are located, so lifting up into the overhead lockers, I found easier than previous cases, as it can go in both end on and side ways. The fact that the case itself is light, due to the materials and process's used in construction probably helps. The design having the handle runners on the outside allows maximum use of the storage and packing area inside, though initially I felt they were a bit lose and flimsy compared to the previous case (Tumi). I need not have worried, as even with the load mentioned above, I found you could safely lift it over steps, onto escalators etc and on carpets run it on two wheels. The flat top design was a perfect extra surface for resting books, files and mobile while working in the departure gates..

    Getting through security is easier as with a normal 5 day load, the front panel can open for access to tablet and or plastic bag holding liquids etc (LHR security lady said - 'What a good idea'). The case comes with a combination lock, that is also TSA approved and is easy to set to your own numbers and lifts on (and can fit in ) the trays some airports ask you to use.

    It is expensive when initially compared to the competition, however if quality, ease of use, reliability, practicality and discreet style is what you require when traveling, then the price is easily justified. With the Briggs & Riley no nonsense life time guarantee (not used yet, so no experience on how that will go) on top for me was the clincher. For a Monday to Friday trip I found this a 5 star buy and was impressed when the occasion arose to squeeze in the extra 2 days.

    By Spider1V , on 4/20/2015

7 Item(s)

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