Gift Ideas for Engaged Couples

Gift Ideas for Engaged Couples

If you’re an engaged couple who loves to travel or are someone looking to buy a perfect wedding gift for soon-to-be newlyweds who travel often, then we’ve got some great ideas for you.
Check out the travel-related gift ideas for engaged couples below to get ideas for the best luggage for a wedding registry and inspiration for honeymoon luggage and other wedding gifts any travel-loving duo will adore.

Best Luggage for Traveling Couples

· Luggage set - A fantastic and likely much-needed wedding gift is a high-quality luggage set. When looking for the best luggage to register for or the best luggage for newlyweds, Briggs & Riley has a great selection to choose from. For example, hard-sided luggage sets are affordable, scratch resistant and expandable (with space to pack souvenirs for the trip home). 

· Travel backpack – Travel backpacks are excellent for taking as a carry-on bag. They’re also extremely practical for everyday use while traveling, especially if your itinerary includes a lot of outdoor activities or touring various spots.

Suitcase Wedding Registry Ideas

·  Carry-on suitcase – Carry-on suitcases are super light, making it easy to get around airports and hotels and maneuver to and from various destinations whenever you travel.

Luggage Wedding Gifts

·  Luggage tags Luggage tags are always a smart idea, saving you the hassle of your luggage accidentally getting taken by someone else. plain smart. But to make this an extra special gift for the newlyweds, why not make it more personal by getting them monogrammed?
·  Packing cubes – Packing cubes help you to maximize space and pack efficiently. They provide a simple way to pack with ease for a honeymoon or any other trip. Find out how to use packing cubes in our guide.

 Travel gifts are thoughtful, personal, and extremely useful. Not only will these gifts be practical for a couple’s honeymoon, but for the many trips they’ll take in the years ahead.
Gift your nearest and dearest with the perfect BR bag. Whether you’re shopping for the best luggage sets for couples or another travel gift, you’ll find what you’re looking for when you shop with us.
In need of gift ideas for a bridal shower or bachelor party? Our gift guide for him and gift guide for her will provide plenty of inspiration, with something for everyone.

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