Rhapsody Collection

Rhapsody Collection

Girl bosses, meet Rhapsody -- our first collection inspired by and designed specifically for female road warriors. Boasting our unmatched performance and style, it was designed to ensure that every woman experiences a lifetime of better travel. Whether it’s a crossbody, business case, tote, backpack, or carry-on spinner, Rhapsody provides innovative travel solutions to keep you going.

A bag for every kind of woman

Attention, techies! You no longer have to settle for bulky bags or unwieldy folders to
transport your laptops, design pads, or tablets. With the Rhapsody Slim Backpack, you can safely carry your tech without looking like you’re bringing your entire office onto the plane. Its sophisticated and hands-free design will help you glide through any business trip in style.

Never compromise your style with our Rhapsody Essential Tote, the perfect companion for any influencer on the go. A practical bag that’s as photo-ready as you are, it combines style with easy and lightweight storage. Ideal for anyone who wants to look good and feel good while they travel.

When going on vacation, packing the right way is essential. You want to bring everything you need, but you also want to get around without the inconvenience of a heavy bag. Enter, the Rhapsody Tall Carry-On Spinner. This bag is incredibly lightweight and easy to maneuver, all without cutting into your precious storage space. It’s specifically designed for any woman who wants to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

All Rhapsody bags pair perfectly with each other to truly cover all your travel needs. And to match your one-of-a-kind style, we offer complimentary monogramming with every Rhapsody purchase. If you’re looking for a collection that expertly blends sophisticated style with impeccable design, look no further than Rhapsody.

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