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The best of both worlds. The versatile Medium Expandable Spinner is now available with four double swivel spinner wheels, which means you can glide through airport check ins and busy sidewalks alike without worrying about leaving anything behind for your trip.
Height Width Depth Weight
US 26" 17.5" 10.5" 9.2 lbs
EU 66 cm 44.5 cm 26.5 cm 4.2 kg

Above dimensions with wheels and handle.Full specs

  • exterior
  • exterior
  • interior

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  • I’ve only had it for 2 months, but I travel every week, and so far I have enjoyed it very much, and would buy it again if I had the choice to do so.

    By Michael Rees, on 4/25/2019

  • I really like the luggages in this series. I have the small one and the large one, and I recently bought this medium one for an upcoming business trip. The luggage is strong and durable. It is very easy to roll. The large capacity of this luggage is rather impressive.

    By Susanna Park, on 4/18/2019

  • Yes it is indeed very light weight and so very easy to roll on all 4 wheels. The extendable handle works very well. There also seems to be more room in it than my previous luggage of the same size. It also expands in the most perfect and easy way. There were no signs of use after my recent international trip. I am very pleased with this suitcase. The blue color is also nice and it was easy to pick out of the sea of black that arrived on the luggage carousel.

    By Rena H Cooper, on 1/13/2018

  • So I have been using this bag for a little over a year, and it holds up relatively well. I travel 2-4 times a month with various pieces of technology in two, and this bag hits the mark on almost each need. However, there are few things I wish I had known prior to buying the bag (managed expectations and all that)...

    - Protected laptop, easy to run through security
    - Rolls mostly easily through airport walkways
    - Water bottle pocket (soooo hard to find in a roller bag these days)
    - Relatively spacious enough to accommodate most mobile office equipment (power supplies, misc. cables/chargers, books, mobile keyboard/monitor -- but don't expect much else to pack in this bag)

    - Not many separation/organization between storage areas (would be nice to have a pocket for computer stuff and a second area for possible clothes for overnighter trip)
    - Handle has not been able to retract wholly for the last 6 months (when I go to push it down, manually have to push in pins to allow handle to collapse fully)
    - All-direction wheels would be nice on this bag
    - Often too big for regional jets overhead storage

    I'm on a team of 10+ individuals who travel 2-4 times a month (if not more) and 4 or 5 of us have this bag. It stands up very well to the frequency of travel we do (no tears in fabric or wheels broken off), but some folks have issues with the handle (described above in cons) or have squeaking wheels (not enough WD40). I have not felt the need to inquire about the warranty with the bag, but it is my understanding that Brenthaven can be very difficult to get in touch with when you need a replacement bag. This bag has done it's job, but for the same amount of money, I will probably buy Samsonsite or Briggs & Riley next time.

    By Holly Eddy, on 7/5/2017

4 Item(s)