Computer Briefs from the @work Collection

@work computer briefs come in two and and three section designs. The two section design includes separate sections for the computer and organizer. The three section design adds a file section.  Most styles have a removable neoprene sleeve that stretches to cradle computer (excluding clamshells and netbooks.)  Computer briefs are available to fit netbooks, 13", 15" and 17" laptop screens.
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Large Expandable Brief
KB307X (@Work)
Large Slim Brief
KB306 (@Work)
Medium Brief
KB200 (@Work)
Medium Clamshell Brief
KB203C (@Work)
Medium Expandable Brief
KB207X (@Work)
Medium Slim Brief
KB206 (@Work)
Medium Slim Rolling Brief
KR251 (@Work)
Medium Vertical Brief (Discontinued)
KB204 (@Work)
$259.00 $207.20
Small Slim Vertical Brief
KB104 (@Work)