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There are a great variety of travel bags available, but not every bag is suited for every type of activity or travel. Equip yourself with stylish, quality bags you can trust when you shop Briggs & Riley.

Whether you’re taking a family vacation, heading out for a weekend getaway, traveling for business, or running errands, you’ll find the perfect bag for your needs in our luggage collection.

Discover which bag type is the best match for your personality and trip, then peruse our selection of bags to find your favorite.


We carry a great array of travel bags to fit all lifestyle and travel needs. Below are some of the most popular types of bags available.

Tote Bag – A tote bag is a highly functional and convenient bag option. Totes are great everyday bags, being useful for running errands and going out with friends for the day. And they also make a wonderful and spacious overnight bag for short getaways.

Cabin Bag- Cabin bags are designed to stay with you on the plane in the overhead bin, similar to carry-on luggage. However, cabin bags are more compact and smaller in size, making them a go-to bag for short business trips and weekend getaways.  

Backpack – Backpacks are highly versatile, from being used as an everyday backpack to carry essential items on your commute to serving as an ideal bag for short trips and weekend getaways. Backpacks also make a perfect secondary bag while traveling.

Travel Backpack - Travel backpacks are perfect for taking with you anywhere you can’t take wheeled luggage. Think cobblestone streets, stairs, and other uneven terrain. These specialized backpacks have travel-specific features like organization pockets, shoulder straps, and more. They’re the bag of choice for any day trips or extended travel that involves a lot of physical movement, activity, and exploration.

Work Bag – Work bags, like our Essential Tote, offer a professionally stylish look and are designed for accommodating laptops and other work materials but can also carry workout clothing and other miscellaneous items you may need to carry around on workdays. Some work bags can also double as a purse, making them a great 2-in-1 bag that you can take to the office and any after-work social events.