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Dedicated to the spirit of discovery,

and creating lasting memories.




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Dedicated to the spirit of discovery that defines our travels and creates lasting memories, Baseline is the merger of timeless style with extraordinary engineering. This is a collection created for the way we live and travel now, but made to last for life.


  • Elegant personalization and iconic premium leather detailing provides immediate product identification.


  • World's only one-touch CX™ Compression Expansion. Simply press CX™ buttons and pull up sides to expand, then push down to compress.
  • Proprietary shock absorbing spinner wheels offer 360˚ maneuverability and smooth quiet gliding.
  • Patented and iconic, our Outsider® handle provides a flat packing surface inside to minimize wrinkling.
  • Remarkably strong ballistic nylon fabric resists wear providing exceptional durability that endures the test of time.
  • Timeless, classic styling with quintessentially iconic details for life well-traveled.
  • PowerPocket conveniently stores battery pack and cell phone.