Trunk Luggage

Discover timeless elegance with our trunk luggage, crafted for the discerning globetrotter. Each trunk-style luggage piece blends sturdy design with our advanced 360-degree spinner technology. Optimized for durability and maneuverability, our trunk luggage is designed to transform your travel experience.

Travel Trunk

Trunk suitcases are ideal for extended stays and packing bulky or oddly shaped items. Whatever the situation, we offer three different trunk sizes to accommodate your needs

  • Medium: A medium trunk allows you to pack what you need for a long getaway without carrying too much weight.
  • Large: If you’re going on a hiking trip or winter vacation, our large travel trunks provide more than enough space to bring your hefty gear and coats. 
  • Extra-large: Need even more space? With extra-large trunks, you can overpack to your heart’s content — and even bring home a few souvenirs. 

Trunk Suitcase with Wheels

Effortless Maneuverability 

  • Every piece of our trunk collection is a spinner, which comes equipped with four wheels that provide 360 degrees of motion. You’ll be able to navigate busy airports, crowded streets, and tight hallways with ease. 

High-Quality Construction

  • Choose a hard or soft sided, flexible and exceptionally lightweight trunk. Some trunks feature CX® Compression-Expansion Technology, allowing you to expand your bag up to 34% and then compress it back to its original size. For extra durability, opt for a Torq trunk made with Makrolon® three-layer polycarbonate material that’s built to last.

Guaranteed for Life

  • Briggs & Riley is the only luggage company that offers a lifetime guarantee. From the handle down to the wheels, every component of your travel trunk is fully covered — no questions asked.