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Briggs & Riley Prepares Boomers For The Travel Years

Changing the Landscape of Tourism, Leading-Edge Baby Boomers Take to the Open Road As Retirement Approaches

Hauppauge, N.Y. May 9, 2006 – Saying their final farewell to the workplace, the baby boomer generation is beginning their bold ride into retirement. They are hanging up their work shirts and ties to make room for hiking shoes, golf shirts and travel around the world.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there will be 40.7 million consumers over the age of 65 by 2010. Refusing to spend their best years in front of the TV, baby boomers continue to be trendsetters, spending a significant amount of their time and funds on travel. Manufacturers have noticed this and are beginning to create products to suit the interests and needs of this growing market segment.

“Briggs & Riley understands the economic impact that baby boomers will continue to make in the coming years, especially on travel and travel related goods,“ says Jim Lahren, vice president of marketing at Briggs & Riley.

According to Lahren, baby boomers are expanding their horizons by taking trips that expose them to new cultural and historical experiences, and that educate them through “hands-on” learning experiences. “Briggs & Riley is committed to helping this undeniably ‘hip’ crowd reach their travel destinations in comfort and style. We realize that baby boomers want products that meet their particular needs. We’ve designed our travelware to span our customer’s life stages. Our cutting-edge products have features that offer practical travel solutions to meet every traveler’s needs, so our customers are able to circle the globe effortlessly no matter what their age.“

Boomers have a “been-there-done-that” attitude towards typical travel destinations, causing them to seek out exotic destinations such as Costa Rica, the South Pacific or New Zealand. Many are also seeking more in-depth ways of experiencing familiar places through cultural or heritage vacations. And there’s a boom in the number of boomers traveling by RV, who want to make sure that they travel with all the comforts of home. These expert travelers tend to pack light, but also appreciate luggage that can provide extra packing options, and that meet airline weight restrictions.

To cater to the increasingly adventurous needs of baby boomers, Briggs & Riley’s bags are lighter and full of ergonomically designed features such as thicker zipper pulls shaped to fit your fingers to make travel as comfortable and easy as possible. For those weekends in the country or for a last-minute flight to your next adventure, the light and relaxed Transcend Collection is perfect for where you’re going. It’s strong enough to withstand all the rigors of travel and keep you going.

Identifying the demand for travelware that ensure a better travel experience, Briggs & Riley products are robustly constructed, extremely functional and very reliable. The company offers a no questions asked “Simple as that®lifetime warranty across all its product lines, and will repair your damaged luggage, even if caused by the airlines. Now boomers never have to buy another piece of luggage again, after buying a Briggs & Riley bag. This unique concept fits perfectly with Briggs & Riley’s commitment to establish a lifetime relationship with its customers.

Savvy travelers can count on Briggs & Riley for durability and leading-edge performance. Boomers can rest assure that Briggs & Riley will help them travel ahead of the curve with products designed to complement their style and engineered to exceed their needs.

About Briggs & Riley Travelware
Briggs&Riley Travelware is dedicated to building a lifelong relationship withits consumers by fulfilling all of their travel needs. The company’swide variety of innovative, high-quality luggage and business casesmatch smart design and exclusive features, with maximum durability andsuperb value. Briggs & Riley backs all of its products with thebest-in-the-industry Simple as that® lifetime performance guarantee, a guarantee that even covers damage caused by an airline. Please visit for a full list of the latest products and store locations, and follow us on Twitter for announcements on specials, promotions and new products.