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Five Travelware Essentials For 2006

Briggs & Riley Offers Savvy Travelers A New Travel Experience

Hauppauge, N.Y. May 4, 2006 – In a world where airport security is tight, long and tedious lines are the norm, and thousands of bags are mishandled daily, Briggs & Riley Travelware offers travelers innovative products with unique features designed to make the travel experience easier, more comfortable and more efficient.

The five following features are luggage “must haves” that will ensure you breeze through the airport and your travels as effortlessly as possible:

  1. A lifetime warranty: According to the Bureau of Transportation, every day more than 10,000 bags are mishandled by airlines on domestic flights and that includes luggage that is irreparably damaged. In 2005 alone over 3.5 million baggage reports were filed. These days, a lifetime warranty is the savvy traveler’s best friend. With Briggs & Riley’s industry-leading “Simple as that®” lifetime warranty, travelers don’t have to end up part of these statistics. If your luggage is ever damaged, even if it is caused by the airlines, Briggs & Riley will fix it, free of charge. The company stands behind its “Simple as that®” lifetime warranty across all of its product lines

  2. Flat packing: There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination with wrinkled clothes. The interior handle in most bags not only takes up valuable space, but also contributes to wrinkles by making it impossible to get a perfectly flat packing surface. Briggs & Riley has met this travel challenge through an innovative design on their luggage that guarantees that your clothes arrive wrinkle-free. All Briggs & Riley Uprights® feature the unique Outsider™ Handle System handle that ensures a perfectly flat packing area and more interior packing space.

  3. Easy Security Passage: How many times have you been stuck at security checkpoints trying to store or retrieve your personal items? Keeping important documents and items organized and available for swift retrieval is more essential than ever in today’s travel environment. Briggs & Riley’s SpeedThru™ Security Pocket, a storage compartment conveniently located in the front of bags in the @work and the new Baseline Collections, offers quick storage and retrieval of personal items when going through security checkpoints. The orange colored lining keeps items safe by signaling when the pouch is open.

  4. More interior space: Let’s face it, as much as we take with us, we always seem to have more on the way home! The NXpandable™ System is designed to give you more packing space, whenever you need it. This one-touch, push-button system makes it easy to instantly expand your Briggs & Riley bag up to 35 percent, allowing you to bring home those special extras without the need for an extra bag. In addition, the NXpandable Uprights in the new Baseline Collection are now approximately 10% lighter. This is great news for travelers worried about baggage weight restrictions.

  5. Excellent Mobility: Ever try piling one smaller suitcase on top of your upright as you speed through the airport to make that flight? You are lucky if it doesn’t topple over or fall as you run to the gate. Now with a simple snap, you can connect a smaller bag to your Upright to make transportation quick and painless. The Briggs & Riley Interlocking Handle for @work bags and which will be available on the new Baseline Collection secures a wheeled bag to any Upright almost as if they were one bag.

Jim Lahren, vice president of marketing at Briggs & Riley says, “Briggs & Riley is committed to building a lifetime relationship with its customers and providing practical travel solutions, as evidenced by our “Simple as that®” lifetime warranty and unique features.'

About Briggs & Riley Travelware
Briggs&Riley Travelware is dedicated to building a lifelong relationship withits consumers by fulfilling all of their travel needs. The company’swide variety of innovative, high-quality luggage and business casesmatch smart design and exclusive features, with maximum durability andsuperb value. Briggs & Riley backs all of its products with thebest-in-the-industry Simple as that® lifetime performance guarantee, a guarantee that even covers damage caused by an airline. Please visit for a full list of the latest products and store locations, and follow us on Twitter for announcements on specials, promotions and new products.