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Article Excerpt: Inc. Magazine

An excerpt from: Inc. Magazine

'In December 2000, during a meeting at the office of Smart Design in Manhattan, Richard Krulik, the CEO of luggage manufacturer Briggs & Riley was trying to explain his company's ethos to the design firm. Grabbing a tote bag, Krulik threw it to the ground and began to stomp on it. 'This thing can withstand 500 pounds of pressure. Really, this is a beautiful product! It's like nothing else out there!'

The designers [Smart Design] devised a novel identity system of icons and photographs for the hangtags...and the new labeling was a hit. Since [inception] the number of stores carrying its products has nearly doubled.'

Briggs & Riley’s Web site,, provides a full list of the latest products and store locations. In addition, the website has a travel center micro site that provides travel tips, advisories, travel news from top publications such as CNN, USA Today and The New York Times, and flight tracking. You can even make all your flight reservations right from Briggs & Riley’s website.