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Large Expandable Spinner

Baseline, U128CXSP-5


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Pack absolutely everything you desire for your travels in the Large Expandable Spinner.  Heavy cargo is no match for our four double swivel wheeled spinner.  A cavernous main compartment means 5-9 days worth of clothing and essentials, and increases to 26% more with CX technology. One simple pull will expand the bag, and one simple push will compress it back down to original size for flat, secure contents.
Height Width Depth Weight
US 28 in. 20 in. 11 in. 11.9 lbs
EU 71 cm 51 cm 28 cm 5.3 kg

Above dimensions with wheels and handle.Full specs


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  • I've had this bag for about 9 months now and have used it on about 6 trips for 10-12 days each, so I feel qualified to speak to it's quality. This is my first really high end set of luggage (I purchased the domestic carry-on and medium expandable spinner at the same time and will review those separately, though most of my complaints are the same). My previous luggage was Eagle Creek, so I wanted something with a better warranty, and you really can't get better than B&R. Overall, the bag is just OK. If you are packing this large expandable bag and utilizing the compression feature, know that you're looking at likely 60 pounds or more of luggage.

    Some of the issues that I have with this bag:
    The handles seem wobbly when fully extended. They tend to shift slightly while pushing the bag.
    This is my also my first set of spinner luggage, so this might be true of all of them but trying to roll this bag on all 4 wheels on carpet of any kind (my most common experience is that super flat hotel hallway carpet) is noticeably more difficult than on tile/laminate/concrete. I find that I have to hold the bag at about a 10 degree angle while pushing it on carpet to get it to roll straight. When the bag is fully loaded, that's not an easy task.
    Finally, the small zipper compartment on the top of the bag comes unzipped at least 1/4 of the way, if not more on every flight. The first time I noticed it, I had tossed in a necklace at the last minute into that sleeve (really not room for a whole lot) and when it came down to baggage claim the zipper was half open and my necklace was dangling out.

    Overall, I'm frustrated that I spent so much money on a set of luggage I'll essentially own for quite some time and I have so many issues with it.

    By Tania Wolansky, on 9/6/2017

  • I have to admit, it was hard to pay so much for a suitcase, (well, it was hard to ask someone else to pay so was a gift) but, so far, it has been worth it! The case is lightweight, easy to maneuver (even when full), and the expandable/retractable feature is aaaawesoooome! Well worth it!

    By Unique James, on 7/1/2017

2 Item(s)