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Medium Expandable Spinner

Baseline, U125CXSP-5


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Choose the Medium Expandable Spinner for effortless 360° navigation on four double swivel wheels and enough packing space for any 3-6 day trip. Utilizing CX technology to expand up to 25%, then compress back down to original size to prevent your contents from shifting during transit.
Height Width Depth Weight
US 25 in. 18 in. 11 in. 11 lbs
EU 63.5 cm 45.5 cm 28 cm 5 kg

Above dimensions with wheels and handle.Full specs


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  • This suitcase is a little larger than I would like, but it has all the features I want in a suitcase. It has the fold out suit hanger section which I use for my pants, dresses and/or blouses or sweaters. It is totally flat inside - the bar for the handle does not take up any space within the suitcase. It expands by flicking 2 buttons and, after packing, you press the suitcase and it compresses the contents. It's a lovely color and it rolls like a dream.

    By Linda Bengtson, on 1/7/2018

  • Great suitcase.. very durable and well made.

    By Kurt Koch, on 1/6/2018

  • I've had this bag for about 9 months now and have used it on about 30 trips for 4-6 days each, so I feel qualified to speak to it's quality. This is my first really high end set of luggage (I purchased the domestic carry-on and large expandable spinner at the same time and will review those separately, though most of my complaints are the same). My previous luggage was Eagle Creek, so I wanted something with a better warranty, and you really can't get better than B&R. Overall, the bag is just OK. If you are packing this medium expandable bag and utilizing the compression feature, know that you're looking at likely 40-50 pounds or more of luggage.

    Some of the issues that I have with this bag:
    The handles seem wobbly when fully extended. They tend to shift slightly while pushing the bag.
    This is my also my first set of spinner luggage, so this might be true of all of them but trying to roll this bag on all 4 wheels on carpet of any kind (my most common experience is that super flat hotel hallway carpet) is noticeably more difficult than on tile/laminate/concrete. I find that I have to hold the bag at about a 10 degree angle while pushing it on carpet to get it to roll straight. When the bag is fully loaded, that's not an easy task.
    In addition to this, I feel that this bag gets 'top heavy' while I'm pushing it on carpet. I have even tried loading heavier items like my toiletries and shoes at the bottom of the bag when it is upright and I still find it will 'fall over'.
    Finally, the small zipper compartment on the top of the bag comes unzipped at least 1/4 of the way, if not more on every flight. The first time I noticed it was on the large spinner and learned my lesson to not put anything in there I didn't mind losing.

    Overall, I'm frustrated that I spent so much money on a set of luggage I'll essentially own for quite some time and I have so many issues with it.

    By Tania Wolansky, on 9/6/2017

  • Absolutely fantastic product. I bought this as a pair with the Carry-On Spinner for shorter trips, and these are the best suitcases I have ever bought. The separate compartment in the top for suits/shirts is a lifesaver for work trips. The wheels are quite sturdy, and I like the hidden handle in the bottom for picking it up. I happened to buy the limited edition navy color and I love it. It's unique enough to make my bag stand out when I'm looking for it but still looks understated and stylish. And most of the hardware feels really sturdy, from the fabric to the zippers.

    For this carry-on bag I find it to be the perfect size for longer trips. Myself and my wife can fit a weeks worth of clothing in here without any issue. Even sometimes some heavier jackets or dress clothes for a wedding, though at that point we're hitting the limit and sometimes need to use the expansion/compression feature. I love the flat packing base feature that lets me pack things in easier.

    I couldn't ask for a better bag for checked luggage. Honestly I almost wish I had an excuse to buy more of this line of suitcases, but they're just not needed. And with the Briggs & Riley guarantee I expect to use these bags for years to come.

    By Matt, on 7/2/2017

  • Great case! Perfect size for a short vacation with plenty of room left for souvenirs! It rolls smoothly, is lightweight, and is expandable to fit the stuff you used to have to leave behind! Can't beat it!

    By Unique James, on 7/1/2017

  • Good! Satisfied with this product

    By Heather Paper, on 6/29/2017

6 Item(s)