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Verb, VB204-4

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Afternoon appointments or after-hour fun, this messenger bag organizes your laptop, files and a wide array of digital devices.  Also makes for a great travel bag. Fits up to a 15.6" laptop.
Height Width Depth Weight
US 11" 17.5" 5" 2.4 lbs
EU 27.9 cm 44.4 cm 12.7 cm 1.1 kg

Above dimensions with wheels and handle.Full specs

  • exterior
  • exterior
  • interior

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  • I have many Briggs & Riley bags that date back many years. I love the brand, love the look, love the lifetime warranty, however, I do not love this bag. I've done two work trips with it and the second will be my last.

    1) Looks attractive coming out of the box
    2) Lifetime warranty.

    1) Handle on top is not situated in the middle of bag (it's towards the back) which causes bag to flop over like a flat tire when carrying it by the handle (which yes, you do need to do sometimes when carrying a messenger bag). Makes the bag look cheap and you look like you are not professional.
    2) Has one buckle to attach top flap and one magnet. Magnet doesn't work 90% of the time and further's the flat tire look mentioned above. Needs either two buckles or two magnets, not one of each.
    3) Other reviewers have mentioned the strap from the one buckle does hang down unless you tuck it in. Merely an annoyance, but I agree it doesn't look great.
    4) The slot on the back to hang this over your handle of carry on bag is far too narrow. The slot catches on the top of the handle of my Briggs & Riley carry on when pulling it off and makes me look like a complete amateur trying to slide it off the handle. I gave up trying to use it mid way through second trip.
    5) The shoulder strap is fixed to the bag. In the older Briggs & Riley bags, there was a sturdy metal clip with a swivel that allowed you to twist/untwist the strap from the swivel if needed. With this bag, you have to take the strap off your shoulder and untwist manually, which also causes you to look like an amateur. This doesn't sound like a big deal, but huge annoyance.
    6) The fabric on the bag is far thinner than the older Briggs & Riley bags (which was almost like ballistic nylon). I think this style fabric works for the newer Briggs & Riley backpack I have, but not for this messenger bag.

    Once again, I love the brand and will continue to buy only Briggs & Riley luggage, however, this one is probably going to Goodwill.

    NOTE: I don't even feel comfortable selling this bag second hand to somebody

    By BRIAN, on 5/10/2019

  • The bag was exactly what I was looking for except for ONE thing. When closing the bag there is a magnet on one side securing it which is great but the other side of the flap is closed by a typical suitcase type of strap but the awful thing is that the strap is always hanging down. It is 3-4 inches long so very visible. On the picture on the website the strap has been tucked under the bag and hidden from view. I have managed to turn the strap around so it is pointing upwards but it remains to be seen if it will stay like that when the bag is carried.
    The design team needs to reconsider the design and come up with a better idea. Why not having a magnet closing the flap on both sides? The bag would then merit five stars.

    By Barbara, on 6/16/2018

  • The craftsmanship, material, and interior organization are great. Exactly what I expected from Briggs & Riley. I couldn't give it five stars for the closure options. The fold over secures by a magnet on one side and a plastic buckle on the other. A magnet on each corner and/or a large buckle in the center would have been superior, given my day to day use of the bag. This said, I would happily by the Messenger bag again - but with Briggs & Riley's lifetime warranty, I should never have to!!

    By Panagiotis Glekas, on 7/3/2017

  • This is my fourth B&R product. While I'm very pleased with the product quality, I feel there are a couple of things that can be improved on this bag. 1) I wish there was a second handle, which is universal on laptop bags. It's a bit awkward when having to carry the bag by the single handle. 2) When carrying the bag with the shoulder strap, there is a zippered pocket on the body side of the bag. This pocket should be made a little bigger as 8 1/2" x 11" documents barely fit inside and can easily be caught in the zipper

    By Peter, on 1/18/2017

  • The verb caught my eye on my flight out of JFK. While I was looking for a smaller bag to carry my MacBook and iPad Pro, I was sold on the comfort and design. Cons? Potentially things may easily fall out since there is only one buckle as a reviewer on another site stated (had a quick glance since my flight was boarding) but that's enables quick access in my view. Plus I am quite fastidious about locking my bag up.

    By Jeremy, on 1/18/2017

  • This is a professionally designed bag that shows attention to detail and the needs of business people. It is nicely sized - not too big or small. It is terrific looking. It has many small touches that set it apart from more pedestrian bags. For instance, a water bottle holder - unusual in a messenger. But welcome. Lots of pockets and places for your stuff. A padded laptop/tablet sleeve area, with plenty of room for papers and books. Stands on its own - does not tip over. A good solid shoulder strap. A grab handle. Zipper on bottom to expand capacity. Messenger flap has a buckle and magnet closure. This is an extremely well made, understated case that exudes quality. Good for work or after work. Built to last, but a lifetime guarantee. Better price and quality than Tumi in my opinion (I own a Tumi case). Buy direct from Briggs. They have good prices and free shipping.

    By Phronesis, on 1/18/2017

6 Item(s)