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Briggs & Riley Travelware

The more you know, the better your travels, and at Briggs & Riley, we’re bringing you tips and tricks straight from our experts. From skipping those dreaded lines at the airport to the best ways to pack your precious tech, our experts share the information you need for the journeys you crave. Let our gurus guide the way for your upcoming adventures.

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Make a Travel Checklist

I make a travel checklist of what I need to bring that includes the essentials: Outfits, accessories, shoes and toiletries. I list each item individually and match my outfits together before packing so I can pare down on what I don’t need, and this also ensures I won’t forget anything.

Kristina Fadely Southeast Accout Executive
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when it comes to electronics… keep them packed together

When it comes to electronics like chargers, cables, adapter plugs and headphones, keep them packed together in an easy-access pocket. Avoid spreading them throughout your luggage or bag so the TSA officers can inspect them, and you’ll know where they are.

Sarah Smith Central CA Account Manager
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always look ahead...

With Today's technology, there's no excuse to be unprepared. I always look ahead before I travel. It may sound simple, but it can make all the difference in my trip. I check the weather, flight, hotel, and car reservations and also things to do for fun if I have extra time. Traveling may be my job, but I try to make every trip an adventure.

Bernie Maduzia Southwest Account Executive
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pack your gym clothes on every trip

You never know when you will have that extra hour in the morning or when you get back to the hotel before dinner. It keeps you healthy and helps you unwind in lieu of going to the bar.

Mike Stern Vice President, International Sales and North Pacific Account Manager
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i always use packing folders and cubes

The folder keeps clothes neat with less wrinkles, and it fits perfectly in the front pocket of my U122CXSP. Packing cubes or large plastic bags help me stay organized and make unpacking easy. For trips large and small, my personal items stay clean inside my cubes (in a U122CXSP for a few days or a U125CXSP for a week or more) and never get left behind in a hotel dresser drawer.

Colleen Anders Northeast Account Executive
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tsa precheck has been amazing

TSA PreCheck has saved me the stress of waiting in long security lines at the airport.

Cindy King Midwest Account Executive
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i find the speedthru™ pocket really useful...

I find the SpeedThru™ pocket really useful when going through airport security. I always use it for quick storage of my phone and wallet, and it's very useful to store my passport for easy access when I'm asked to present it.

Stuart Webb UK Sales and Business Manager
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the best thing you can pack is your awareness

The best travel tip I know is: Be confident and aware. Travel can be stressful or scary if you let it, but it can also be an amazing adventure. Embrace it. The best thing you can pack is your awareness. Paying attention and being proactive can prevent almost anything - from getting pick-pocketed to missing your flight.

Annslie Bigbee South Pacific Account Executive
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clean your luggage

This includes wheel-houses, trolley-system, handle, fabric, and inside lining after every trip. It will look and perform great year after year.

Torsten Dörling Independent Sales, Germany