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Domestic Carry-On Expandable Upright

Baseline, U122CX


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Featuring our patented CX™ Expansion-Compression Technology

The top pick of frequent travelers. This rolling carry-on features CX technology, expanding the bag by up to 25% when more packing space is needed, then compressing back down to original size for overhead storage. Fits the overhead compartment of most U.S. domestic airlines.
Height Width Depth Weight
US 22 in. 14 in. 9 in. 8.9 lbs
EU 56 cm 35.5 cm 23 cm 4.0 kg

Above dimensions with wheels and handle.Full specs

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  • Totally Amazed

    I used this bag for the first time last weekend for a 4 day trip. I was totally amazed at the amount of clothing that I packed in this case. It was fully expanded and fit 2 suit jackets, 4 pairs of slacks, 1 pair of jeans, 4 dress shirts, 2 polo shirts, 8 T-shirts, running shoes, 2 sets workout clothes, socks and underwear, toiletries bag and computer accessories bag. This bag is like a cavern.
    It feels of quality in every aspect and could not be happier with this purchase. It is an expensive bag; however, I wished that I had not hesitated for so long about purchasing because of price. I will look to Briggs and Riley for all my bag needs in the future.

    By Bob, on 9/20/2016

  • Incorrect advertised Height

    This is a absolutely fantastic bag, and I love it every time I travel with it. I bought this bag based on the advertised height of 22", but it turned out to be 24". I travel extensively on Cathay Pacific and their allowed cabin baggage dimension is exactly the one you advertised. With the extra 2 inches that I did not expect, I cannot put it into the overhead compartment of the A330 wheels in first, but it needs to be placed laterally, there is no problem for the 777.

    By mic325, on 9/3/2016

  • Awful suit compartment

    I received this bag as a replacement to a B&R bag that lasted almost a decade but couldn't be repaired. I have owned multiple B&R bags and will likely stick with them but I really dislike this bag for the following reasons:

    1. When open, the top of the suit compartment is at a negative angle so the only way to let gravity keep your suits taught on the loop is to prop it against a wall.
    2. The compression system pops up at will.
    3. A frame screw has fallen out after only 3 months of moderate use.

    By Dave, on 8/30/2016

  • The best carryon in the business

    This has got to be the most practical bag for travellers. It is extremely steady, durable and very classy. B&R has a customer for life! This bag has been all over the world and can easily pack for a week with the extension feature. The construction is of high quality and warranty is next to none.

    By Mistry, on 3/29/2016

  • Bad design

    Do not stack other baseline components on top of this bag. The poor design and placement of the wheels immediately make it top heavy and it fell over before I even left the house. Which should have been an indicator of how the rest of my trip would ensue (shattered iPhone because the system fell over and phone was in top bag). The wheels are too high and not placed at appropriate corners of the bag - hence bad design.

    Not enough interior pockets for my liking. Also annoyed that I can't removed the interior compression belt.

    Unfortunately I'm now stuck with a very inexpensive piece of luggage

    By Disappointed, on 3/23/2016

  • LOVE a suitcase? I do!

    Our family of 6 has gone through a lot of bags over the years, and I was frustrated about paying for products that lasted a year or two (and ALWAYS break at the most inconvenient times). After an exhaustive research period, I decided Briggs & Riley seemed to be the best choice out there. Although the price was steeper than what we usually paid, the quality and promised lifetime guarantee looked to be commiserate with the price increase.

    Wow. GREAT call! We've just purchased our third and fourth bags, and will continue to replace other brands in our closets (as they fail) with B&R.

    I was concerned my husband might be a little less enthusiastic considering the price tag, but with that first flight he was hooked.

    Our favorite points about the Baseline bags are the compression system (just AWESOME), having "personal" bags that slip over the handle of our carry-on, (no more wrestling with keeping bags stacked and neatly together or shifting off), the incredibly sturdy workmanship, good looks, and the customer service. When choosing another bag recently, a B&R customer service rep patiently spent an hour with me on the phone helping me figure out which bag was the best fit for our needs.

    I recently had a minor repair and mentioned I was leaving for China shortly after sending the bag to them. They turned it around in a week!

    We are delighted with these products. Thank you B&R for being one of the few companies out there that still delivers quality workmanship AND excellent service.

    By Heather, on 3/4/2016

  • Love it!

    How did I ever travel without this luggage?!!! I absolutely love it. I just traveled for 4 days with my domestic carry on spinner, executive toiletry bag, and transcend tote. Best experience ever. The spinner traveled easy and well over all surfaces and a tote securely attached to the handle was a welcome change. The bags moved with ease down the aisle of the airplane without bumping anyone. I had to squish it (and it was not overfilled) to get it into a smaller overhead bin on my return flight, thus the 4 stars. It also could not fit wheels in, handle out, as the crew requested because it was a bit too long. Overall, it was amazing and made my travel so much easier and enjoyable. No wrinkles on the hung garments, either:)

    By Nina, on 2/15/2016

  • Great Business Bag

    I have taken this on a 5 day journey recently upgrading from an old Samsonite built to previous carry-on regulations that just doesn't fit. No issues with the overhead of a Boeing 737-700/737-800 on this trip at all throwing it in wheels first.

    Build quality and appearance are impressive. Zippers feel high quality and the wheels make the bag glide with ease around the airports. My only real two complaints with the build quality is how you can jiggle the handle a bit when extended, and you have to pay attention to the front large pocket when zipping. The bag material on the inside of the pocket can get caught in the zipper if you're in a rush unfortunately (see picture on Overview page for what I mean). I got the solid black bag because this is mainly used for business, but I do wish the bag had a little bit of flair. I saw both the olive and black in person, and I would LOVE to have the tan handle and tan Briggs & Riley label on the front on the black bag to separate it from the endless sea of other black bags. These are small enough issues that I didn't take a star off.

    The main packing feature, the compression system, of this bag works somewhat well. I say that because it really does depend on what you put in the bag. If you stack, for example, socks, a thick coat, or well folded t-shirts to the top when it's expanded, you're not going to have much luck compressing it down. I managed to pack 3 non-iron dress shirts for work, 2 khakis, 4 polos, a pair of shorts, a pair of jeans along with 5 undershirts, underwear, socks, dress socks, small toiletries, and a windbreaker folded flat in the front pocket, but that's really at the absolute limit. I threw my khakis in the top separated section for suits because there is a little bit of wasted space up there if you don't use it. I didn't think all of it would pack judging by the size of the exterior, but I managed. For the return trip, I did use the compression system with my huge laundry bag and the bag really did compress and swallow it whole which was impressive.

    Overall, very happy with my new bag, and you can't beat the warranty. Looking forward to my next trip with it.

    By Brandon, on 12/30/2015

  • Height is 24" but Nice looking Bag

    The B&R website states the US dimensions are 22"x14"x9". In small print, it says and I quote "Above dimensions with wheels and handle." I just received my "carry-on" bag and 1st thing I did, before unwrapping the clear wrap, was measure (this is THE REASON I bought this bag - to meet the stricter carry-on size). The measurements from TOP OF HANDLE to BOTTOM OF WHEELS is 24" height - the other 2 dimensions are spot on - 14" width and 9" depth. Next thing I did was measure my existing "carry-on" bag. It too measured 24"x14"x9". I had never bothered to measure it before because I bought it 10+ years ago, and I have NEVER been told it was too big. That said, I have never flown Jet Blue, Allegiant, etc that nickle and dime as their business model. I only have flown major domestic carriers - Delta, Southwest, United, AA, and so forth. My concern is that as airlines try to squeeze more on the margin, they start to enforce this recent (2014) size change - especially if the economy slows, or gas goes back to pre-2013 levels....the intent of MY purchase was to a) get a bag to meet the new dimension standards for domestic travel b) quality piece of luggage and c) replace my aging/worn bag. Conclusion - a) not met b) by looks and feel, seems to be of high quality - nice bag and c) met. Because it's nearly a $500 bag, and it did NOT meet all my requirements, I will be returning unused and unwrapped (note since it's unwrapped I cannot comment on the inside storage compartment(s), but it's very similar to my existing bag in other areas so it may be similar, which to me would be a good thing). I will look at purchasing the smaller U119CX Commuter Expandable since I really want the B&R quality and durability/life time warranty. Unfortunately, that bag is 3" smaller in height than the U122CX.
    BOTTOM LINE - you make the decision on why you purchase one bag versus another, one brand over another, and so forth. Just note the CORRECT DIMENSIONS OF THIS BAG ARE NOT AS LISTED - RATHER TO REITERATE THEY ARE: 24" height x 14" width x 9" depth. I did not weigh the bag - but it was acceptable weight to me by feel.

    By David S, on 12/3/2015

  • 99.99% Perfect

    I LOVE this luggage. B&R has always been the class act and this one doesn't disappoint. My previous bag lasted 7 years and over 1,000 flights (yes, I fly too much). The expandable gizmo that has brackets inside the bag is pure genius. I can store a ton in there.

    Cons: The handle seems flimsy, as though it could break off any moment. I'm sure that's not true, but it feels that way. Also, I hate the extra luggage strap. It's hard to describe, but you have to unclip the strap whenever you want access to the interior of the bag. Why doesn't someone get all manufacturers to agree on a common strap interface designed by users? That's what kept me from 5 stars.

    By JeffC, on 4/20/2015

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