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Domestic Carry-On Upright Garment Bag

Baseline, U175


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Breeze through tight airplane aisles with the convenience of a garment bag and the versatility of a packing case in this 2-in-1 wheeled, upright carry-on. The garment section holds 1-2 suits and the packing compartment is ideal for clothing and accessories. Fits the overhead compartment of most U.S. domestic airlines.
Height Width Depth Weight
US 22 in. 14 in. 9 in. 9 lbs
EU 56 cm 35.5 cm 23 cm 4.0 kg

Above dimensions with wheels and handle.Full specs

  • front
  • exterior
  • interior

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  • Great bag...but

    This is a great bag but what would make it the greatest bag? Spinner wheels!!

    By 5-0, on 10/17/2016

  • This bag saved my trip

    On a recent business trip, my Baseline carry-on bag was destroyed by the airline. The extension handle was twisted and could not be extended, the bag was cut in multiple places, the top carry handle was partially torn off and the zipper was so badly damaged it required the use of pliers to pull it open. When I did finally get it open, one of the expandable mechanisms had snapped into 2 pieces but despite both the internal and external damage, none of the contents was damaged. No water had leaked in although it was raining at the 3 airports I was at during the trip and nothing was broken or wet inside the valise. So in my view, my suitcase "sacrificed" itself to protect the contents.
    I should add that the airline did replace the bag (no questions asked when they saw the bag) and I have the same model (Baseline UX175) that I've already used on a subsequent trip.

    By Jeff G, on 9/15/2016

  • Great for its' Intended Role!

    I love this bag and find it to be great for a one to two day trip. I use mine for business travel and can get two suits, a set of shoes, toiletry bag, and incidentals in it without and issue. At three suits, or if I need a change of clothes for the evenings I'm reaching for a standard garment bag. That said, this thing is what it is meant to be...compact, upright, convenient, and a means to avoid having to check luggage.

    If you expect it to replace a standard sized garment bag, think again. It is what it is.

    Also, I must disclose that I am a big guy and have big clothes. My wife is a size 8 and she might be able to comfortably get four days worth of clothes in this bag...she'd definitely get three days out of it if she did not have too many extras to tote along.

    I forgot to mention that the bag is as tough as nails and is narrow enough to maneuver down airplane aisles. I have another small carry-on garment bag that is built on a horizontal frame and maneuvering it is a pain in the arse! The horizontal style carry-on garment bags have slightly more interior volume (enough so you notice it), but the long handles required by that design do not seem quite as strong and you end up having to pick those bags up twice as much as the upright to maneuver with them. At 6'2" I also had a problem walking with the horizontal style. My stride is long enough so that the width of the horizontal bag resulted in my heel frequently kicking the bag. Therefore, I had to roll it to the side of my stride rather than behind me.That said, my wife is 5'6" and does not have that problem. So the horizontal bag is hers and this one is all mine!

    Did I mention that I find B&R superior over Tumi? However, Travel Pro has both of them beat in terms of the smoothness of the wheels when in motion, but the overall quality of that brand does not come close to comparing to B&R.

    By Gil, on 7/24/2016

  • Just purchased my second

    The perfect bag for the standard 3-5 days on the road for the past 10 years. Typical week - wear a suit, pack a suit, extra slacks, a second pair of shoes, 4 shirts and the accessories. All fit in nicely and any wrinkled clothes are easily touched up at the start of the day. Logged 1 million miles on the first one; two or three warranty repairs were fixed promptly - a solid investment.

    Sadly the rampers at American Airlines delivered the coup de grace earlier this summer, damaging the frame to the extent that the handle sticks when extending (that's why I prefer United). I've struggled with the handle out of stubborn loyalty but finally decided it was time for a replacement. Number two is waiting at home.

    If you're a road warrior that needs to dress for business, this is your case.

    By Itinerant CEO, on 6/30/2016

  • Doesn't Hold Much

    Not so pleased with this bag. Not much fit in it. I tried taking it on a trip with 4 business outfits and some casual wear for a 5 day trip. I couldn't close the luggage and at the last minute switched everything to my Baseline Carryon Spinner. Everything fit in the Spinner.

    Next I just traveled on a 2 day trip with 2 business suits, one was a pant suit and blouse and one was a dress with coat jacket. I had a hard time closing it but could. The non garment side of the bag doesn't fit much. I had forgotten a change of casual clothes and I am not sure I would have been able to fit. Not sure how anyone uses this for more than 2 days (or even 2 days) unless one is wearing the same clothes. I guess one needs to only pack thin dresses in it. Bag seems impractical given limited space issues. Given the carryon Spinner fit more is incredible.

    By Norma, on 6/15/2016

  • Incredible Design

    I've only used this bag on two trips thus far, but I love it so much I had to provide a review. The design of this bag is flawless. Let me first say that when I purchased this item, I did not realize there was one side designed for hang up items. If you NEVER need to hang up clothes then this may not be the best bag for you however, I've used that side to hang up items I've traditionally folded. There are design features that I never realized I would need, but once I found them I realized how useful they are (like you can hang your bag on the closet pole and never have to unpack). It has an incredible amount of room assuming you use both sides. I've found that I'm starting to over pack for weeklong trips because I have the room available. Absolutely love this bag!!

    By JC, on 7/26/2015

  • Since 2004

    This bag has traveled around the world, checked in baggage, carry on to Vegas, tossed around like a rag doll on transatlantic flights from the USA- ORD, JFK, EWR, IAD, LAX, CVG,MIA, MSP, HOU, DFW and ATL. For 10 years of abuse this bag is as good as it was the first day I purchased it. Carry on baseline 21" non-expandable. I LOVE MY LUGGAGE! So much that I bought the large non expandable for my trip from IAD to Denpassar, Bali. I also have the train case that has been my road trip savior for toiletries. (discontinued product ). My B&R backpack carries all of my camera gear and i pad. Fits overhead easily and or beneath my seat. Every dollar spent on this line has been well worth the work I did to earn it.

    By Love my bag, on 4/20/2015

  • perfect for an overnight or a week

    Except for the fact that if doesn't wheel down most coach aisles, this bag is amazing. I can fit 2 pairs of shoes, and over a weeks worth of clothing in this thing. It's durable and lightweight. No need to fold anything, just lay everything down flat, fold it in half and go. I travel every week for work and this bag is easy to pack, pickup and maneuver. I strongly recommend it for any road warrior.

    By Andrew , on 4/20/2015

  • THE perfect carry-on

    I have been using a Tumi bag for years and it has taken a beating. I have been on the hunt for over a year for a bag to replace my Tumi carry-on garment bag – which has a horizontal or landscape orientation as opposed to this bag which has a vertical orientation. The issue with the landscape orientation is that it is too wide to roll down airplane aisles or to fit in narrow airport bathroom stalls. I am 5' 10" and am on the road 4+ days a week so I needed a bag that could fit a decent quantity - my toiletries, flatiron for my hair, an entire week of business clothes/shoes along with workout wear/shoes and a couple of casual outfits. I also need a bag that has a long telescoping handle so my heels are not constantly getting hit while wheeling it through the airport/hotels.

    I have been traveling for years and have gotten very particular about what I need/want in a piece of luggage. I need a garment bag feature for my work shirts and suits, I want built in compartments for my socks/underwear and toiletries including makeup and liquids, and enough room for all of my other gear. I was very reluctant to try this bag because my Tumi bag seems to have a lot of room and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get everything I need into this two compartment bag. I have fallen in LOVE with this bag! It fits everything I need with room to spare! And mind you I am a 40 year old woman. Yes, I try to travel lightly but I still probably bring along more than most men. I love being able to put my shoes in a separate compartment and keep my sweaty workout wear out of the garment bag compartment. There are all sorts of zippered compartments to stow everything you need. The telescoping handle is tall!! And I can now get down the aisle and into narrow bathroom stalls easily. The wheels seem very sturdy and it rolls incredibly smoothly. In addition, I travel with a rolling laptop bag and it fits nicely on top of the garment bag and I can navigate quickly. This is seriously the best bag ever designed!

    By kinimogi , on 4/20/2015


    I have been looking to buy this piece of luggage for over and year. I bet I've done more research and reviewed more comparators than just about anyone would tolerate. I had to know that I was getting the right luggage for my carry-on needs. Really, there is nothing that compares to this quality piece of luggage. It fits PERFECTLY in the SWA overhead bins. It's a breeze to roll it behind me down the aisles of the plane. My first trip I placed two suits on the garment side WITH ROOM TO SPARE (I really think I could fit 3 suits in there). The non-garment side is very roomy. The outside pockets could not be any better. Plus, there's a small pocket tucked in between the rails of the handle to put a water bottle in while you're sitting there waiting for your flight or just walking through the airport. The quality and craftsmanship of this piece of luggage is unmatched.

    By Dobie , on 4/20/2015

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