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Domestic Carry-On Expandable Spinner

Baseline, U122CXSP

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Featuring our patented CX™ Expansion-Compression Technology

An elegant carry-on that rolls or spins on 4 re-engineered double swivel spinner wheels for effortless 360° navigation. This rolling carry-on features CX technology, expanding the bag by up to 25% when more packing space is needed, then compressing back down to original size for overhead storage.The durable ballistic nylon outer fabric withstands the toughest travel conditions. Fits the overhead compartment of most U.S. domestic airlines.
Height Width Depth Weight
US 22 in. 14 in. 9 in. 9.3 lbs
EU 56 cm 35.5 cm 23 cm 4.2 kg

Above dimensions with wheels and handle.Full specs

  • front
  • exterior
  • interior
  • interior

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  • A fine purchase

    Having over-researched luggage to a fault, I finally bought this B&R based on looks, warrantee, and features. I have taken this bag on over 10 international flights this year and 5 domestic ventures. This bag probably has close to 200k miles in my 12 months of ownership. It also travels around with me a lot when deplaned. I almost always choose public transit and walking over cabs/limos so it has probably seen close to 60 miles on the wheels this year.

    I usually spend 10 days at my destinations and refuse to check a bag. With proper clothing choices (technical fabrics, antimicrobial undergarments, etc.) there is more than enough space for 2 weeks of gear here _un-expanded_! 3 pants, 2 shorts, 3 pair socks, 3 undergarments, 6 shirts, 1 jacket, 1 pair boat shoes, 1 pair gym clothes. Sometimes I buy a few tailored items and gifts at my destinations and I love being able to expand the bag and check it only when necessary.

    Thankfully I haven't needed to use the warrantee, but knowing the company is standing behind this bag for life encourages me to really use this piece of luggage; this freedom alone justifies the purchase price. I actually leave this bag near my bed at home in between my travels because looking at it reminds me of the freedom and joy that travel brings me - something it facilitates directly.

    Most of the negative reviews here are not within proper use of this luggage.
    1. If your bag is too heavy to lift, you should either a) go to the gym b) check it c) ask the flight attendants to lift it for you.
    2. If it tips over, you're using it wrong. I have had no issue packing this suitcase in a manner that discourages tipping. Not once has my bag tipped over, either half full or fully expanded and stuffed. I also always stack my Aer SF Duffel Pack on top of the luggage with no issue. Packing strategy is key here. I highly recommend the KonMari folding method of items that do not need to be hung.
    3. Always take two or three iPhones when you travel.

    By Dougle, on 8/30/2016

  • Best Carry On in the Market

    I have searched the Market so much for a product like this. Nothing Negative about this product. Love this product. Best Expander and 8 Wheeled Luggage.

    By Siva Sankar, on 8/16/2016

  • Best Carry-On in the Industry

    I worked in a luggage store for four years and owned a series of bags, all from different vendors. After my experiences with them, I've come to realize that the Briggs and Riley Baseline is the best designed bag (in soft side) in the industry. It has more capacity than Tumi, Victorinox, TravelPro, Samsonite, etc. Also, it is a true 22" which most other vendors cannot claim. The fold out garment bag is the easiest to use, as it folds into the suitcase and takes up less space than garment bags from other collections. For all the people that claim the bag tips forward, I did not experience this at all throughout my travels. Perhaps they are packing it incorrectly, not putting their heavier items towards the base of the bag. For all of the features that bag has, it is still much lighter than other competitors, like Tumi. It is truly my favorite bag that I have ever owned, and I own six carry-ons.

    By Roslynn from Denver, on 5/31/2016

  • Disappointed loyal B&R fan

    After loving my full size B&R suitcase that got me through 3 weeks in Europe on a mixed business and leisure trip, I thought I'd splurge on the new B&R rollaboard with garment bag zip pocket for domestic business trips. What a disappointment. Even when the suitcase isn't expanded, the suitcase falls forward, risking an expensive laptop disaster. And even halfway full the bag is too heavy; it's a real effort to get it lifted in to the overhead compartment. I understand that the internal expanding mechanisms are a novelty, but they aren't easy to use and they're loud. Perhaps somewhat pickier, I don't like that when the expandable portion is completely compressed to make the smallest version of the luggage, the extra fabric oozes out of the middle; it just looks bad. For the eye-popping amount of money I spent on this, I should have a lightweight bag that remains balanced (it's got four wheels for crying out loud!), is user-friendly and looks sleek. I'm not sure how this model made it out of the gate. Now I'm stuck with it.

    By AM, on 5/18/2016

  • Excellent quality poor balance design

    Excellent everything, quality, interior design compartmentalization.
    Very unstable if you have your business brief case over the handle, be prepared for the bag to flip over. Not easy to adapt to. Wish there is a fix. All my luggage is Briggs and Riley!

    By MASH, on 4/5/2016

  • I really wanted to adore this

    I was 'sold' on the patented CX -- loved the idea and the demo with an empty bag. I don't love it quite so much in reality. The suitcase doesn't completely close up tightly and that worries me. Of course, I did travel to London for 10 days with the suitcase -- checked the bag, though. Too heavy for me to lift over my head when it is full. The spinner wheels work well and it is not too difficult to maneuver (I'm only 5'3") even with my rolling briefcase stacked on top. The jury is still out. But, I think the weight of this will mean it won't be my go to every trip bag. Too hard to schlep on and off trains.

    By Le Bon Voyage , on 3/25/2016

  • Designed

    Do not stack other baseline products on top of this bag. The poor design and wheel height makes it top heavy and it will fall over easily.

    This if you like the baseline system and used it with the non spinning bags stay with what you like. , do not purchase this or you might end up like me. In the middle of a business trip at atl w a smashed iPhone because the bag keep falling over when it encountered a slight uneven surface.

    Now I'm stuck with a very expensive piece of luggage I'm going to curse for a long time. And a broken I phone that's cant get fixed until I find an Apple Store.

    By Horribly, on 3/23/2016

  • Glorious

    Love the granite countertop and built in stainless sink. Refrigerated section also came in handy. Small cook stove worked great while camping at the airport. Integrated scooter engine allowed me to buzz around terminal, while hide away sofa made trips to toilet a real pleasure ride. I purchased the tractor version with grass cutter and blade attachment. Saving up for available jet pack. Be sure to get AC version, as I crawled into mine last summer on hot days and sipped diet soda from integrated fountain machine. Overall, great luggage. Could use a few more bells and whistles though.

    By Johnny Feldersnickle, on 2/16/2016

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