It’s the phrase we use to describe our lifetime performance guarantee.  But it also embodies the energy and philosophy that we try to bring to every aspect of our business.

We know it’s much more than luggage.
“It’s my home on the road.”  “It’s my travel partner.”  “It’s my mobile support system.”  Those are some of the ways our customers describe their Briggs& Riley luggage. And why we’re passionately focused on providing products that are exceptionally well designed and reliable.

We understand that different travelers have different needs.
That’s why we offer a Briggs & Riley collection for every lifestyle.  Baseline provides world class endurance and breadth of choice for the frequent traveler.  Transcend brings relaxed functionality to active leisure travelers.  @work delivers supreme organization with timeless style for the accomplished professional. And Verb brings stylish versatility to tech-savvy professionals on the move.

We listen and then we innovate.
Travelers want lighter, stronger bags.  We responded with an ingenious new approach to frame configuration and material selection that reduces weight while increasing durability.  They want to maximize their packing capacity while still meeting airline carry-on requirements.  We responded with Baseline CX, the world's lightest expansion-compression luggage.  Travelers want wrinkle-free packing.  We responded with our exclusive Outsider® handle.  They want quicker trips through security.  We created SpeedThru™, an easily accessible pocket that keeps personal items safely inside the bag.

We build more intelligent bags.
“Is there a smarter way to design this, one that will make life easier for our users?”  That simple question drives our product development process down to the tiniest detail.  The result? Bags our users constantly tell us are “more intelligent,” in big ways and in countless little ways.

We offer the strongest guarantee in the industry. Simple as that®.
The guarantees that other brands offer have limits.  Ours doesn’t.  Our lifetime performance guarantee covers ordinary wear and tear, airline damage and is good on every bag we make.

We’re committed to our retailers.
You’ll find us in specialty luggage stores and upscale department stores, where customers are more discerning and salespeople more knowledgeable.  And you’ll notice that we don’t make pens, wallets, watches, key chains, belts,umbrellas, or outerwear. We’re focused on doing one thing well.

We’re proud that our customers are our advocates.
When our customers buy one Briggs & Riley piece they usually buy more,and recommend us to their friends.  In fact, repeat purchases and recommendations from friends account for a large percentage of our sales.

We’d love to hear from you.
Your thoughts, experiences, and reactions; to our products, our service and this website.  Most of all, we hope you’ll enjoy Briggs & Riley and that we might experience many successful journeys together.