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Propel Rolling Case

Verb, VR250X-4


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Looks can be deceiving- this compact rolling briefcase keeps you on the move while holding all your tech gear, and then some.
Height Width Depth Weight
US 14.5" 15.5" 9" 7 lbs
EU 36.8 cm 39.4 cm 22.9 cm 3.2 kg

Above dimensions with wheels and handle.Full specs

  • backpack straps

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  • Where is the key holder

    Strange orientation of the front pocket only fits iPad mini - normal iPad won't fit but does fit in the second zipper padded compartment just fine.
    Missing a key holder - no small zipper pocket or key ring latch. Can use the bigger compartment zipper pocket but I prefer to have keys attached to the bag.

    By wheretoputkeys, on 8/26/2016

  • Simply Perfect!

    I have had the pleasure of using this case now for 10 days, and have found its organization of pockets and compartments perfect for my needs. The front two compartments in particular I truly enjoy as access to them does not require the opening of the handle strap. Simply unzip and items used regularly are at my fingertips. May not seem like much, but that step saving design is a true pleasure. The compartment for my Mac Pro is well padded and located in a way that the most important element in the case is well protected. The large and divided section for paper files expands well enough that I can view the tab of the folder and pull out only it. Again, a simple thing, but pulling the correct file only adds to the level of professionalism I wish to convey. The elastic straps designed to hold all the charging or connection cords required through a day is a wonderful element ( granted I truly wish there were a universal standard for such items! ). If there was an element missing, and rather odd that it is, the standard pen slot or slots are not present. However, the use of one the cord straps solves this, as it clearly can secure a few pens.

    The reason I needed to purchase this item, was the unfortunate experience of having my car broken into and brief case stolen! Not pleasant. That case was a Briggs & Riley that I had carried for nearly 10 years, great case but designed for the 17" Mac I used to carry. Thing is, the quality of construction of that case, I could have carried it for another 10 years. So, there was no "shopping around" for another manufacturer, Briggs simply makes a product that will last. I also own 4 other Briggs products from their garment bag to carry-on. While these items are not used as often, they too have stood the test of time.

    In any of the products that I own from Briggs, I have never had a zipper stick, strap break, or a wheel fall off. The product simply does what it was intended to do, allowing me never to think about any of that. I have enough other items on my "to do" list ... I would highly recommend this case and personally, I will purchase only a Briggs product.

    By Daniel, on 4/9/2016

  • Interlocking handle a huge disappointment

    Am I the only Verb user that is completely frustrated with the interlocking handle? Whereas my @work bag had a handle that kept the bag snugly attached to my carry-on, the Verb handle constantly slides off and I have to stop to reattach the bag every 100 meters. Very disappointing...

    By JK, on 3/8/2016

  • Perfect Traveler

    I needed a roller to hold both paper and a laptop on business trips and bought this bag after searching online and in person for a long time. The bag was displayed in a shop and I bought it as soon as I looked it over and tried all of the zippers and pockets - there are a lot of them and they're very well designed. It's lightweight, strong and perfect for light or heavy loads. The bag is easy to roll, go through security and load into overhead luggage bins as a carry-on. The lifetime guarantee is also a plus.

    By RJ, on 3/6/2016

  • Awesome bag

    Well made. Pockets for everything yet still compact enough.

    By Alvin, on 6/27/2015

5 Item(s)

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