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Laptop Backpacks


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There are  briefcases, and then there’s the laptop backpack, the more laid-back cousin that combines fashion and function. Not to be confused with the bulky bag that got you through your trek across Europe after college, a compact and more slim laptop backpack is suitable formostprofessions. It’s perfect for toting around your electronics, files, utensils, and in some cases, a change of clothes for anovernight work trip

But who said laptop backpacks are reserved for those in the working world? Students, entrepreneurs, or simply general travelers of all ages who want to stay connected can benefit from this type of bag. Not to mention, Briggs & Riley offers a wide selection of styles and sizes to suit all tastes and genders. 

Yes, you can find a laptop backpack for women that can look as good with a power suit as it does with jeans and a blouse. Our lightweight Slim Backpack is sleek, stylish, and almost looks like an oversized handbag if it wasn’t for the double back straps. Though more compact, there’s plenty of room for personal belongings and, of course, a laptop. It’s a greatpersonal item when flying, too. 

More sizable models such as the Large Roll-Top Backpack are great for gals or guys on-the-go because the top rolls and tucks before closing, so no need to worry about pickpockets meddling with your pack. When it comes to a laptop backpack for men, the Medium Cargo Backpack is the perfect compliment to a piece of carry-on luggage as it fits securely on top of the suitcase — though nobody is saying you can’t ride solo with this pack, too. 

But honestly, there’s really no such thing as a laptop backpack for men or women because any of our packs would work for either. It all comes down to taste, personal preference, and how much space is required. Not to mention, with ourlifetime guarantee, not only will you have a lifetime of memories, but peace of mind knowing your pack will always be with you no matter where you’re going, or for how long.