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Garment Bag Luggage


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Briggs & Riley has upgraded the standard garment bag by adding a feature of convenience: wheels. Rolling suit travel bags are a painless way to transport your personal belongings without worrying about back and shoulder discomfort.

Whether you choose an extra large garment bag with wheels or a medium one (a better choice if you’re looking for a rolling duffle bag carry on), you’ll have all the room you need for a weekend getaway or an extended business trip.  

Along with being high-performing, our suit bags on wheels won’t cramp your style. In other words, the sleek design says world-class traveler, not Spring breaker. These bags are lightweight yet are constructed of a ballistic nylon fabric that resists wear, moisture, dirt, and damage. Of course, even in the unlikely event that something does happen to your bag, our lifetime guarantee means you’re still only making a one-time investment.  

It’s important to point out that unlike traditional garment bags, our rolling suit bags won’t cause your clothing to become a wrinkled mess before arriving at your destination. There’s a large duffle section that features garment-securing panels to keep clothes in place and minimize wrinkling, plus a wide zippered mesh pocket on the inside lid for undergarments, socks, and ties. 

Why settle for an ordinary garment bag when you can have a rolling option that’s designed with the traveler in mind? Get one for yourself or gift one to a fellow traveler for an upcoming special occasion. Then make your new luggage truly unique with our personalization options.

Not sure what type of luggage a friend or family member needs? Then a Briggs & Riley gift card is the perfect gift option!

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