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Learn to pack as efficiently as possible with our top three preferred packing methods. Everyone has their own packing personality, but there’s one thing we can all agree on―the way you pack should be easy and orderly. No matter your destination, an organized bag upon arrival is priceless, and we’re here to help make it happen.   There are three packing methods we stand behind that each prevent wrinkles and over-cramming in different ways. All you have to do is decide which is right for you.  
  1. The Rolling Method
This is exactly what it sounds like. Tightly roll each clothing item into a log-shape and place it in your suitcase. Everything stays secure by placing each piece right up against the other. Rolling works especially well for items like sweaters, pants and t-shirts, and because rubber bands aren’t necessary, your clothes will be wrinkle-free upon arrival—no fashion faux pas here. That said, we do not recommend this method for formalwear or business attire. Instead, we suggest a wardrobe bag for dressier items. The rolling method is perfect for travelers looking for a simple, straightforward packing method, so get ready to roll.

  1. The Wrapping Method
This method works best with longer, fancier garments like dresses and pants. Start with the longest pieces first, placing them in the bottom of the suitcase with the ends hanging over the sides of the case. Then place smaller items on top of those. Keep layering until you’ve packed everything you need. When you’re finished, fold the clothing that is hanging over the sides of the bag on top, and everything will be wrapped snugly together. Best of all? No creases!

  1. The Bundling Method
This method is similar to the wrapping method in that bundling is accomplished by folding longer items around smaller ones. But there’s one major difference. Bundling is done by outfit. So if you plan to wear a specific shirt with a specific pair of pants, you bundle them together. Start with socks and underwear, then wrap the shirt, and after, the pants.   With this method, each outfit stays together and accessible. It’s perfect for speedy wardrobe changes, like transitioning from meeting clothes to cocktail attire. You can also go the extra step and put the completed bundle in a clear plastic bag, making sure to remove all the air before sealing. Keep in mind that a garment bag, or one of our wardrobe bags, is best for longer garments.   These are just three of the many packing methods out there. Pick one, or a combo of a few, because when it comes to your packing personality, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. But we can say with certainty that packing smarter and more organized is an absolute time―and sanity―saver. So start strategizing.   What other packing methods do you use? Share your secrets with us on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #BriggsAndRiley.

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