Lifetime Guarantee

When founded in 1993, Briggs & Riley revolutionized the travel industry by offering many firsts such as a no questions asked “Simple As That®” lifetime warranty, that even covers damage caused by an airline. This guarantee, like no other in the industry, is a reflection of our commitment to building lifelong relationships with customers, covers every bag that we have ever made, and reducing the disposal of broken luggage into our landfills.

Annual Luggage Trade-In Program

Through our annual luggage trade in program, we’ve facilitated the donation of over 5,000 bags to men, women, and children in need throughout North America.

A Case for Giving logo.

Totally Lit

LED lights can cut energy consumption by 70%-80% when compared to conventional lighting and last up to 25% longer, so fully installing our HQ with energy efficient LEDs was a no-brainer (saving additional brain power as well).

Corrugated Recycling Program

Corrugated recycling is a key player in decreasing solid waste in landfills. 93% of corrugated products produced in 2016 were able to be recovered to recycle, and can be used by paper mills and manufacturers of new corrugated materials.

Bottle It Up

Today, humans are buying a million plastic bottles per minute, and it’s estimated that over half a trillion plastic bottles will be sold in 2020. To do our part in reducing that number, our smart fountains have put us on track to save 6,000+ bottles a year.

Water Refill Station - Help to break the plastic habit by  refilling your bottle here