Expandable Carry-On Luaggage with CX® Expansion

Optimize your packing and traveling with our expandable carry-on luggage, featuring our patented CX® Compression-Expansion system. A revolutionary type of compression carry-on luggage, it allows you to instantly expand to create more space when you need it, then compress back to original size. Our expandable carry-on luggage lets you pack for any adventure without compromising.

Briggs & Riley CX® Compression Expansion

Using the CX® Compression-Expansion system is quick and simple. First, expand the CX mechanisms by pulling up each side of your suitcase. Once you’ve packed all your travel essentials, zip the case shut and compress it back down to its original size.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or an infrequent flyer, this innovative technology can help you reinvent your packing strategy. If you tend to overpack, you’ll have plenty of room in your checked luggage to take everything and then some for your next adventure. For carry-on luggage, our compression system gives you the freedom to pack what you want without worrying about the airline checking your bag. Bringing home a few keepsakes? Our expandable luggage helps ensure no souvenir gets left behind. 

Luggage with Compression Expansion

Baseline Collection

  • Offering the world's only one-touch CX® Compression Expansion, the Baseline Collection provides high-quality engineering and classic style for your business travels.

Sympatico Collection

  • The Sympatico Collection is the world’s only hard shell luggage line featuring CX® Compression-Expansion Technology. Get increased packing capacity, maximum durability, and sleek style with Sympatico luggage.

Guaranteed for Life

  • Every piece of Briggs & Riley luggage comes with the industry’s only lifetime guarantee, giving you peace of mind that your investment is protected through every trip.