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  • International Carry-On Expandable Wide-body Spinner

    Baseline, U121CXSPW

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    Featuring our patented CX™ Compression-Expansion Technology

    This expandable rolling carry-on is ideal for those who want one bag for international air travel. The short-and-wide configuration offers maximum packing capacity, while 4 re-engineered double swivel spinner wheels offer effortless 360° navigation. This bag also provides maximum packing capacity while fitting feet first in the overhead compartment. Conveniently spin this bag right down the airplane aisle.
    Height Width Depth Weight
    US 21 in. 15 in. 9 in. 9 lbs
    EU 53.5 cm 38 cm 23 cm 4 kg

    Above dimensions with wheels and handle.Full specs

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    • Only 1 ten day trip so far but all seems good, working as advertised

      By Joseph Panetta, on 11/8/2018

    • The perfect bag to take on a trip up to one week where you change hotels every 2 days. We are currently on a seven day trip through Portugal and are using the expandable wide body spinner. We love it

      By Humberto Gonzalez, on 10/21/2018

    • I am an airline pilot and travel extensively. I have had 4 other Briggs and Riley bags, but the Baseline International Carry-on Expandable Wide-body Spinner was a disappointment, especially for their flagship bag. Why?
      1) You'll see reviews where this bag has a tendency to tip forward. It does. Often. And I could not make packing adjustments where tipping wasn't a problem.
      2) I think the proportion of the bag (suiter section to interior packing section) is what makes the bag unstable. I fully packed the bottom of the suitcase (level to top) AND put 2 shirts and a blazer/jacket in the suiter, but then the case was difficult to close. I could expand it to accommodate the clothes, but then I couldn't use it as a carry-on on the airplane. OR I had to leave quite a bit of space in the bottom of the bag for the suiter section to "fit".
      3) Having a bag on top of this suitcase only aggravates the tipping problem.
      4) I couldn't get my standard sized business card to fit in the bag ID pocket without trimming the card.
      5) The pocket on the outside of the suiter section (inside the bag) is so small I struggled to find something I could effectively squirrel into that space.
      6) The photos Briggs & Riley provides of the bag don't show the 2 outside pockets on the front of the bag. The big pocket will accommodate a folder, but the second pocket is so tiny it's barely boarding pass sized. If you print out a boarding pass and fold it in thirds, it's crammed into the space. An iPhone 6 will fit, but a Kindle Paperwhite will not. This pocket is just a wee too small.
      The good?
      a) The wheels are really good quality. They roll easily on multiple surfaces.
      b) Love the B&R warranty
      c) The quality of the fabric of the bag is great!
      d) Meets dimensions for international carry ons.
      e) The expansion would be great for being able to still close the bag at the end of the trip when everything just seems to be bigger (or I bought something that wasn't in the bag at the start). I caveat that the bag will likely tip forward even more than it does when closed.)

      By Suzanne Standring, on 10/6/2018

    • We are traveling for three weeks to Spain and Portugal. I have been able to pack everything into this luggage. I will carry a separate purse. This luggage is great and allows me to carry it on to all my flights throughout Spain and Portugal. It meets requirement for smaller connecting flights in Europe. No lost luggage or delays! The spinner wheels help me to walk with ease. It is hand down- The Best!

      By Martha Sando, on 9/4/2018

    • Great carrier on suit case. Very easy to pack and move around.

      By Herschel Feinblatt, on 8/18/2018

    • Beautifully and smartly constructed! Lifetime guarantee...worth every penny

      By Jane Springer, on 7/26/2018

    • I will call this experience "I'm a little tea pot". BEWARE this piece of luggage will fall forward when you stack with the cabin roller. I only had the matching cabin roller stacked and attached to the top of this and it fell over multiple times. A nice new matching Briggs & Riley set covered in Philadelphia slush! Sad. Not sure if the 2 wheeled is more stable, I would hope so. I tried emailing B&R , but no response. I travel often and have only had one other brand tip like this one.

      By Debra Stronach, on 12/18/2017

    • very well made but not enough pocket room for cosmetics, etc. Outside pocket is too shallow for shoes

      By Carol, on 12/3/2017

    • I am a flight attendant and was tired of replacing my bag, so I went for this beauty with the lifetime warranty and am very happy with it. I love the 4 wheel spinner style as it puts less strain on my arms constantly rolling it through airports, but the expandable mechanism is fantastic and allows me to use this bag for personal travel as well as for work.
      The only negative I have experienced is if I have another bag looped around the handles, the spinner style of this bag makes it more apt to tip over, but I've learned to manage it accordingly.

      By Sara Akers, on 7/6/2017

    • extremely versatile. Fits in any overhead bin.

      By Christian Ruff, on 7/4/2017

    Items 1 to 10 of 15 total

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