Our personalization options are a creative way to customize your Briggs & Riley bag.
Logos, unique designs and initials are available in these three popular treatments.

  • Heat Transfer

  • Embossing

  • Embroidery


Heat transfer decorating is the use of a preprinted graphic on a
carrier, typically paper or mylar, that is applied to Briggs & Riley
products with the use of a hot stamp machine. Heat transfer offers
superior detail and enduring performance. Due to the nature of the
process, heat transfer is a smart solution for large orders.


Embossing is the art of producing raised patterns, logos, initials
and company IDs on Briggs & Riley products. A design is created
by stamping blind or foil into the material with a specific level of
pressure to produce a three-dimensional effect. Foil stamp embossing,
frequently seen in silver or gold, is a popular choice for a luxe look.
A blind emboss does not include the use of ink or foil to highlight the
embossed area. It is popular for its understated, classic aesthetic.


Embroidery is the art of decorating materials using a needle to apply
thread or yarn. The process requires the digitization of a design.
This converts artwork such as a logo or team emblem into a stitch file
pattern for an embroidering machine to follow. Embroidery results in
unique and highly textural design. It is an ideal choice when a wide
range of colors are required.