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International Carry-On Expandable Wide-body Upright (Two-Wheel)

Baseline, U121CXW

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Featuring our patented CX™ Compression-Expansion Technology. Learn More.

This expandable rolling carry-on is ideal for those who want one bag for international air travel. The short-and-wide wheeled configuration offers maximum packing capacity while still fitting in the overhead. For extra packing, CX technology expands the bag up to 34%, then compresses it back down to original size.
Height Width Depth Weight
US 21 in. 15 in. 9 in. 9.3 lbs
EU 53.5 cm 38 cm 23 cm 4.2 kg

Above dimensions with wheels and handle.Full specs

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  • The bag is very well made. I have another B&R bag that has withstood years of heavy business travel. I expect this bag will also last a long time. The problem is that the bag is heavy when empty. I bought it for the size to carry on international flights. The weight limit for many international carriers is 10 kg. Normal, light packing will easily make the bag heavier than 10 kg. The expandable feature is nice, but adds weight to the bag rendering it useless as a carry on bag. I wish I had paid closer attention to the weight of the bag.

    By Maribeth Word, on 7/5/2019

  • Great expandable carry on!! This was the first time I didn't check a bag for an international trip. I was away for 3 weeks and had enough space for everything. Love the internal garment bag and expandible feature. Highly recommend.

    By Yishai Lerner, on 1/12/2019

  • Amazing bag, super well-designed. I sold my very new Tumi bag to get this and have zero regrets. For how much I travel, super worth it.

    By John Qian, on 1/5/2019

  • I bought a 2nd one for my husband
    The first I have had for a year. Can pack for 2 days or 3 weeks. Light weight, well organized and never refused boarding internationally.

    By Marla Litchford, on 8/25/2018

  • I purchased the "INTERNATIONAL CARRY-ON EXPANDABLE WIDE-BODY UPRIGHT (TWO-WHEEL)" from Briggs & Riley on June 22, 2018. The price was $519.00. Not inexpensive, but I wanted the best. Like many, I was tired of carry ons that did not roll straight and, in particular, the extendable handles that jam and malfunction at precisely the wrong time. I wanted a trouble free product, of the highest quality, for international travel. I also desired a vendor that I could trust. A brief, but relevant, digression: I had dealt with Luggage Pros in the past. They are a customer oriented, reputable business. However, the shipping time, without an upgrade, was longer than Briggs & Riley. So, as I have already mentioned, I placed the order on the 22nd and received it on June 28, 2018, via FEDEX. What could possible go wrong? In a word: Everything.

    We left from JFK for Lisbon on July 19, 2018. Problem #1: the bag weighed 15.5 kilos, 5.5 more than allowed. The agent was very apologetic, but would not tag the luggage as a carry on. BTW: not all international carriers have weight restrictions; all have maximum size limitations. I was flying TAP; difficulties arose with both sets of regulations.

    This bag is designed, quite cleverly, to expand about 20-25% and then compress back to normal size via a set of gears. This is a nice feature until the traveler is faced with a weight restriction; i.e. a full bag is loaded with more pounds, thus making it unqualified to be a carry on. You will simply have to take at face value that I know how to pack for a ten (10) day trip; I was not over loaded.

    Problem #2: Size. The bag is at the absolute maximum as far as dimensions are concerned; however, if there is but a modest bulge, possibly as a consequence of its expandability, it will not fit in the overhead compartment, nor will it pass the size measurement devices employed by some airlines.

    A relatively minor point: other experienced travelers have commented that it appears to be of no better quality than other luggage at less than 1/2 the price. Truly, if that was my only complaint I would celebrate.

    I called customer service and talked to an extremely pleasant lady named Melody. If she could be cloned, you would have a fine template for the near perfect customer service rep. I am not saying that she agreed with my request (a full refund); however, she was patient and professional. She told me that she would bring this to the attention of her Supervisor, who was traveling in California. I would hear from him the following week, probably early in the week.

    I did hear from someone; Melody, again. She informed me that the "Supervisor" had told her that nothing could be done. My luggage was now "used" and i was past the thirty (30) day window, anyway. I was somewhat embarrassed for Melody, who had her superior's responsibility dumped on her. It was a cowardly and unprofessional thing to do. An incompetent such as that has no business being in a managerial position. The blame and responsibility belong to Briggs & Riley's Senior Management, assuming such a concept exists in the Company. As you might guess, my disdain for this business entity has now gone far beyond an over priced, over rated suitcase.

    What is to be done? I will spend a few hours making sure this modest drama is posted in as many places as possible (the joys of copy and paste). However, other buyers (potential customers) must make up their own minds. I am forever done with B&S; however, in fairness to other consumers who still want to try the brand, I suggest this course of action: Do not buy direct from the Company. Purchase from a reputable vendor such a Luggage Pros or Ebags. Also, confirm what your return privileges are, in writing, if possible. They are reputable business's, this manufacturer is not.

    I have rarely seen such a combination of poor product design, dishonest marketing and disdain for the customer, all being characteristics of one Company. I hope this review gives you an idea of how to protect yourself. For my part, my only recourse is to communicate my opinions, dispute the charge with AMEX and bring an action in Small Claims Court. If I practiced in my profession in this manner, I would expect to be fired by my clients.

    By Michael Wilson, on 8/19/2018

  • Much better than the spinner version with four wheels. Being two inches taller allows you to pack hanging clothes in hangers! Love!

    By Virginia Wilmerding, on 5/24/2018

  • I will be using my carry on for the first time in a month. I love the look of it and it seems to have more space than any other carry on I have researched.

    By deidre boineau, on 3/24/2018

  • Perfect for my weekend getaway to Santa Fe in a few weeks.

    By Cheryl Lee, on 3/10/2018

  • Using for first time. I can pack quite a bit but I’m a little concerned about the handle. It’s not very sturdy and as a crew member I hope it holds up and doesn’t break

    By Karen Minor, on 12/31/2017

  • Well made, sturdy, easy to maneuver in airports, and even while boarding aircraft. Enough compartments to keep things organized

    By Priscilla Hensel, on 7/1/2017

Items 1 to 10 of 24 total

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