Briggs & Riley’s Top 2021 Bucket List Travel Destinations

Briggs & Riley’s Top 2021 Bucket List Travel Destinations

2020 was a year full of stress, fear, frustration, and disappointment — including canceling or postponing travel plans. 

So, as the new year commences, we have our bright eyes on where we (hope) to travel in 2021. After all, we’re surely not the only ones who are a bit fed up with streaming videos, experimental cooking (the air fryer), homeschooling, Zoom meetings, and driveby family visits. 

While we’re not entirely out of the woods yet, there’s no harm in putting the past behind and looking towards a more active 2021 — one where travel means more than getting out of the house for weekly grocery shopping. Here are six inspirational places to travel that we at Briggs & Riley have our eyes on.

2021 Bucket List Travel Destination: Sydney, Australia 


Who: Serkan Anders, VP of Marketing for Solo

Why: “The great weather! I also want to see the kangaroos and koalas and swim in the pool at Bondi Icebergs Club.” 

The Lowdown: Going on 100-plus years, the legendary Bondi Baths are considered a historical landmark and are considered one of Australia’s most famous “winter swimming clubs.” Open year-round (though it’s not heated, consider yourself warned), the club features an enormous saltwater lap pool and a smaller pool for the kiddos, both of which boast sprawling views of the ocean. While your airline ticket may set you back a bit depending on where you live, pool access is a mere $9 per person. Stick around for a detox in the sauna before settling in for a casual meal at Icebergs Club Bistro, a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Sign us up for the Sydney rock oysters, a pot of Tasmanian mussels, and the grilled barramundi filet. 

Briggs & Riley Bag Pick: Extra-Large Expandable Spinner 

Depending on where you live, a trip down under is an investment in time and money. With that in mind, you’ll need a more spacious piece of checked-in luggage, such as the Extra-Large Expandable Spinner. You’ve got 31 inches of height and nearly ten thousand cubic inches of capacity to your suitcase with everything the climate — and your travel plans — require. 

2021 Bucket List Travel Destination: Paphos, Cyprus



Who: Stuart Webb, UK Sales & Business Manager

Why: “We were there in May 2019 for my best mate’s wedding, and it’s a fantastic place. Great weather, great food, great beaches, and the people are so friendly.”

The Lowdown: Though it has many cultural ties with Greece, Cyprus (the third-largest island in the Mediterranean) is not under Greek command. Thanks to Paphos’ crystal-clear waters, UNESCO sites, and fantastic food, it’s an excellent place to take a (much-needed) vacation. Inhabited since Neolithic times, you’ll find several sites associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love, as she was born in Old Paphos. Today, the new Paphos may be a modern city with a bustling harbor, but you’ll still be able to soak up its ancient history through ruins of villas, fortresses, theaters, and tombs. Don’t miss Paphos Archaeological Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, one of Cyprus’s most important. Of course, there are plenty of sandy beaches that will beckon you to take a dip in their serene waters. 

Briggs & Riley Bag Pick: International Carry-On Wide-Body Spinner



When you’re headed to an island where the sun and sea are a priority, why overpack? Make your trip easier by packing light without sacrificing space. Thanks to our CX technology, this bag (along with others) expands up to 34% and then compresses it down to its original size.

2021 Bucket List Travel Destination: Sedona, Arizona


Who:  Georgene Rada, VP of Design

Why: Sun, spa, hiking, yoga, good margaritas, and a little yin yang balance at the Enchantment Resort.

The Lowdown:  Nothing beats a full-service resort that caters to every whim imaginable — except maybe if the same fantastic resort also happens to be perfectly positioned amongst the breathtaking red rocks of Sedona’s Boynton Canyon. Those who love adventure travel will appreciate that Enchantment resort offers everything from mountain biking and golf to hiking and canyon walks, to name a few. After a day filled with activities to suit all tastes, wind down at the full-service spa offers various face, body, and wellness treatments (energy clearing is something everyone can get on board with right now.) There’s also a pool, whether you want to enjoy a swim or waterside cocktail. The sizable, well-appointed guest rooms and private casitas and suites have all the amenities and comforts you need to feel like a home away from home, minus the killer views, that is. Along with regionally-inspired cuisine to suit all tastes, all three on-site restaurants offer the same viewing pleasure. 

Briggs & Riley Bag Pick: Rolling Cabin Bag (Two-Wheel)

Considering the activities Georgene mentioned, bulky clothing is not on the list. With that in mind, a smaller yet functional bag could suffice. Well-packed and well-organized — what else could you want? Are you interested in learning the difference between two wheels and four? We’ve got you. 

2021 Bucket List Travel Destination: Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Who: Yvonne Willamson, Global Marketing Manager

Why: “I’ll be vacationing in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, in February 2021. It’s one of my favorite places, just 30-45 minutes south of Cancun. It’s an entertaining and trendy area with a Bohemian vibe, filled with vibrant restaurants and nightlife. I’m most looking forward to dinner at Alux, a restaurant experience unlike any other; it’s carved into the side of a cave!  I’ll also pack in some adventure with zip-lining, ATV riding, and snorkeling in a cenote to take advantage of being outdoors and socially distanced.”

The Lowdown: Playa is not the Cancun you remember from your youth. Granted, you still have the sea, sun, and luxuries of Mexico without the frat party-like atmosphere. From the shopping on 5th Avenue to the Meso-American Barrier Reef (the second-longest coral reef in the world, mind you) to the culturally-inspiring Mayan archaeological sites, it’s difficult not to be impressed here one way or the other. 

Briggs & Riley Bag Pick:  >Sympatico Domestic Carry-On Spinner

Perfect for a short getaway, the Sympatico Carry-on  features our CX feature, which allows you to pack every swimsuit and sundress without having to leave any favorites behind. It’s also easy to clean and disinfect with wipes, which is incredibly important these days


2021 Bucket List Travel Destination: Buenos Aires, Argentina



Who: Chris Delgado, VP of Sales


Why: After 2020, simply sipping an espresso at a local cafe sounds good. After spending the afternoon exploring the museums, extravagant mansions, and urban parks in the Palermo neighborhood, I’d like to take an evening stroll through Puerto Madero to take in the city lights before heading to the trendy Porteños neighborhood for a steak and seafood feast. 


The Lowdown: The capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires (aka the Paris of South America), has an incredible cafe culture, world-renowned museums, and mouth-watering cuisine that would entice just about anyone. Of course, there’s also opera-watching, tango dancing, and both historic and modern neighborhoods to get lost in. 


Briggs & Riley Bag Pick:  Medium Expandable Spinner

Just because you’re going overseas doesn’t mean you need to check an enormous bag. Sometimes less is more — but thanks to our CX™ technology, you’ll get 17% more packing space, which then comprises back to its original size. In other words, you’ll have enough room for your personal belongings, and a few souvenirs, too.



2021 Bucket List Travel Destination: Italy (Rome, Florence, Tuscany)



Who: Kristen Andersen, eCommerce and Digital Marketing Manager


Why: The plan is to take the slower regional train from Rome to Florence and hop off in Tuscany. I’ve heard there are no sulfates in the wine over in Italy, which makes for an easier and more comfortable train ride back the next day.”


The Lowdown: In a way, train transportation takes things back to the Golden Age of Travel, when the pace was a bit slower and each day felt like a new adventure. Not to mention, taking in the scenery as the train hums along the tracks is half the fun. The relaxing, foothills of Tuscany (from spa towns to wineries) balance out the hustle and bustle of Rome and Florence, where historical, architectural wonders abound. 


Briggs & Riley Bag Pick:  Limited Edition Large Expandable Spinner

Thanks to our CX technology, this large bag expands even further, giving you 26% more room to pack your travel gear while still leaving room to bring home a few souvenirs. As it’s a four double swivel-wheeled spinner, it’s easy to get around the airport — or all of those train platforms. 


What’s On Your Travel Bucket List?

While we still have to be vigilant when it comes to traveling, nothing should stop you from making plans for the future. After all, there’s so much of the world to see and such little time. What’s on your travel bucket list in 2021? 

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