Perfect Pairings: Briggs and Riley Books and Bags

Perfect Pairings: Books and Bags

Love traveling and reading? Then you probably face a dilemma we come across whenever packing for a trip, whether a quick weekend getaway or a longer vacation: What are the best books to take on vacation? What books should you bring along that will add to the overall experience of your travels?

We love finding the best vacation books for a given destination – and are sharing 3 of these perfect pairings with you, including what bags to pack your books in, so you’re covered from a luggage perspective too!

Check out the pairings below and then get excited to visit one of these destinations with the recommended vacation reads and travel bags in tow.

Best Books to Read on Vacation and What Bags to Pack Them In

If you have a trip coming up to one of the fantastic spots below, we recommend taking along the bags and vacation books for women we’ve paired together. And, if one of these destinations isn’t on your travel radar, you may just want to pick one for your next trip.

1. The Margot Affair (Perfect for Paris)


On your first or next trip to Paris, you’ll want to bring The Margo Affair by Sanaë Lemoine. This novel revolves around the secret child of a longstanding affair between an influential French politician and a prominent stage actress.
Bag Pairing: Our large shopping tote is practical, stylish and perfectly sized for comfortably walking around Paris with your book (and other essentials) safely tucked inside.

2. We Were Never Here (Perfect for Chile and Cambodia)

If you love suspense novels (and even if you don’t), you won’t be disappointed reading We Were Never Here by Andrea Bartz while visiting Chile or Cambodia. Best friends Emily and Kristen are in the mountains of Chile on their annual reunion trip when Kristen claims a backpacker she met attacked her and she had to kill him in self-defense – even more shocking is that something similar happened on their trip the previous year.
Bag Pairing: Our large cargo backpack is ideal for exploring the outdoors on a trip to Chile or Cambodia and has a couple of perfect compartments your book will nicely fit into - and be easy to retrieve from whenever the urge to take a reading break arises.

3. Mexican Gothic (Perfect for Mexico)

Going to Mexico? Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia is a fantastic read for this trip. This gothic horror that takes place in an isolated mansion in the Mexican countryside will keep you in suspense until the end.

Bag Pairing: Our large travel duffle fits more than you can imagine while still fitting beautifully into an airplane’s overhead compartment, so there’s plenty of room for your book.

With these book recommendations and matching bags, you won’t have to worry about what book to bring on vacation. And, since we’ve chosen the books for you, there’s no need to be concerned about packing too much for vacation and weighing yourself down with too many books.
These book and bag pairings also make thoughtful gifts any travel and book lover on your list will be thrilled to receive.
Shop Briggs and Riley to find these and other bags for all your travel and travel-related gift giving needs.

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