Travel Accessories you didn't realize you needed

The best travel accessories can make any trip, whether for work or leisure, a whole lot
more convenient and less stressful. And because we want to provide any helpful
information that can make your travel experiences even more enjoyable, we’re revealing four travel essentials we feel all travelers should always use.

Take these domestic and international travel must-haves with you on your next trip and revel in the positive impact they have on your overall travel experience – we bet they’ll become staples for all your trips going forward!

Packing Cubes

First up: packing cubes. This travel essential is a simple yet genius way to organize your belongings inside your luggage. These cubes act as individual drawers in your suitcase, making it a breeze to pack efficiently and keep like items together.

For example, you can put all underwear and socks in one cube, all shirts in another, and so on. With your clothing organized this way, your items stay neat since you only have to pull out the specific cube you need at any given time rather than rummaging through all your belongings to find what you’re looking for.

Depending on your luggage and packing needs, you may need small packing cubes,
large packing cubes, or a variety of sizes.

Luggage Locks

Luggage locks can help keep your belongings safe during your travels. While nothing can totally guarantee the safety of your belongings while you travel, a quality luggage lock with a smart design can give you an extra layer of protection, making it an essential for carry-on and checked luggage.

When shopping for a luggage lock, be sure to get one that will be easily accessible for
Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents. If they need to check the inside of your bag, you won’t want them to have to break or damage your lock.

Personalization Patches

Personalization luggage patches are another travel necessity for any traveler, providing a variety of benefits to ensure your luggage is always secure and easily recognizable.

By providing an extra layer of identification for your luggage, personalization patches
make it easy for airport personnel or anyone who finds your lost luggage to quickly
identify who it belongs to - and return it to you.

Another bonus? Having a personalization patch also makes it less likely for someone to remove a luggage tag and place it on their luggage. This minimizes the chances of your luggage getting stolen.

Luggage Covers

Luggage covers provide a great layer of added protection, helping ensure your bag
remains in the condition you left it in. They not only help your suitcase stand out on a
conveyor belt, but they also protect luggage from scratches and scuffs.

When purchasing a luggage cover, make sure the size you’re getting fits your luggage.

Now that you're packed and ready with your BR bag and all your travel must-haves, get excited about your next adventure!