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cx® revolutionizes the way you pack.
Image illustrates our new enhanced one-touch CX® Compression-Expansion technology now available only in The Baseline Collection.
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CX® Expansion



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Even the most seasoned packers can run into the problem of trying to fit everything into their suitcase. Between fluctuating temperatures and plans that are not yet set in stone, sometimes packing a little extra is inevitable. That’s where expandable luggage comes into play. 

As a company that provides innovative yet stylish luggage solutions for all types of travelers, nobody understands this problem more than us. This is why we created the  CX® Compression-Expansion line, where CX® technology meets hard side luggage for the first time.


Even a smaller bag like the Domestic Carry-On Expandable Spinner expands for 22 percent more space and then compresses back to the original size when needed. If we do say so ourselves, this expandable travel bag pairs well with a soft Delve companion piece

The International Carry-On Expandable Wide-Body Up-Right is the perfect two-wheeled companion for those who don’t want to check a bag but could benefit from 34 percent more space. 

Purchased more souvenirs than you anticipated on your getaway? You’ll be glad you checked your Large Expandable Upright orLarge Expandable Spinner so you don’t have to worry about shipping anything home. Which piece of compression luggage would work best for you?