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  • Style1123
  • ColorBlack

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  • Address 116, ASF
  • Address 2
  • StateNY
  • Zip11201
  • Phone1234567890

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  • NameNew York Repairs
  • Address 1400 Wireless Blvd.
  • Address 2
  • CityHauppauge
  • StateNY
  • Zip11788
  • Phone(877)745-3978

Does Your Bag Need A Little Extra TLC?

Send it to our repair center! Simply fill out the form below to obtain an RA number. You’ll be given an RA number immediately, as well as the address to ship your bag. This service is for US residents only. For any Canada and international, please call customer service.

We Suggest You:


1. Create one(1) RA per bag.


2. Print two copies of your RA confirmation page. Retain one for your own records, and include one with the Briggs & Riley bag you’ll be sending in.


3. Write the RA number clearly on the outside of the carton.

Unboxed Bags

4. Do not ship un-boxed bags.

We ask you please allow approximately 2-3 weeks for the repair and return of your bag. You are responsible for the cost of shipping your bag to us, however we will return the favor and ship your bag back to you free of charge. Please remove any power banks from your bag before you send it to us.

We are pleased to introduce an even easier way to start your bag’s repair process. You now have the ability to purchase a shipping label directly from us. This FedEx label is offered at our special discounted rate to help you save on shipping costs. Just check the “ Purchase a repair shipping label” box at the bottom. It’s as simple as that. Shipping labels are non-refundable.

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We do not ship to P.O. boxes

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