Best Ravioli Worth Traveling For

Best Ravioli Worth Traveling For

In celebration of National Ravioli Day, observed each year on March 20, we’ve rounded up the places where you can get the best ravioli in the U.S. Travel buffs who love American ravioli will want to bookmark this post to plan an upcoming trip to a spot where they can enjoy some of the most delicious ravioli in the states.

Where to Get the Best Ravioli in the U.S.

  •  Cotogna, San Francisco, California

Located in San Francisco’s historic Jackson Square, Cotogna is an Italian restaurant known for house-made pastas, spit-roasted and grilled meats and seafood roasted in the restaurant’s wood-burning oven.

But for ravioli lovers, the Raviolo di Ricotta is the obvious dish of choice. It starts with house-made ricotta that is cut with a touch of Parmigiano and, sometimes, a bit of spinach as well. An egg yolk is then carefully cradled on top, and the entire combination of goodness is draped with another layer of fresh pasta.

Created by lifelong friends Andy Ticer and Michael Hudman, Andrew Michail Italian Kitchen is a must-visit restaurant that skillfully fuses Italian and Southern U.S. fare.

The popular Maw Maw’s Ravioli is based on an old family recipe and features large, fresh-made ravioli. The ravioli is served with a ragù made with ground chicken, beef, and pork, and is topped with shredded Parmigiano-Reggiano, delivering a delicious combination of flavors.

 Lombardo’s Trattoria, one of St. Louis’ favorite Italian restaurants, serves up its trademark toasted raviolis as one of its appetizers. These made from scratch, raviolis are filled with beef, cheese and spinach, then lightly fried until they reach the perfect texture. While delicious all on their own, they’re also amazing topped with the fresh marinara sauce and grated Romano cheese that is served alongside them.

  •  Babbo, New York City, NY

 For the best fresh ravioli in NYC, look no further than Babbo. Known for serving some of the finest pastas around, the ravioli is no exception. For a unique treat you likely won’t find anywhere else, the Beef Cheek Ravioli is the way to go. Stuffed with crushed squab liver and black truffles, this is a truly elevated ravioli dish.

Looking to plan more around your Big Apple ravioli trip? Check out our road trip getaways from NYC and our suggestions for things to do during a layover in NYC.

Piccolo Sogno, located in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago, is a favorite with locals and visitors alike. The menu features fresh, seasonal rustic Italian cuisine and an impressive all-Italian wine list. One of their signature dishes, Ravioli “Piccolo Sogno,” features four cheese ravioli that’s gently tossed in butter and chicken broth sauce. It’s finished with a kiss of shaved Parmigiano, toasted pine nuts and a Marsala glaze. 

When heading to Chicago, consider incorporating a Midwest road trip into your travels.


Whenever you’re inspired to travel for some of the best ravioli in America, pull out this list, pick your spot and pack your BR bag for your culinary adventure. Buon appetito!

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