If you’re planning a trip to a colder climate, you’ll want to make sure you have the best luggage for winter travel. Winter luggage needs to be suitable for both your journey and destination.

Find out how to choose the right luggage and what cold weather travel essentials you’ll need below.

Understanding the Challenges

Traveling in cold weather conditions brings unique challenges. Snowstorms and icy conditions can cause travel delays, and lower temperatures mean you need to pack heavier, bulkier clothing and accessories. For these reasons, you’ll need winter luggage that’s highly durable so it can withstand harsh weather and keep your belongings safe. Your bags will also need to be spacious enough to fit your bulky items and additional accessories.

If you don’t travel with one or more of the different types of luggage most suitable for winter, it can be an inconvenience and cause stress on your trip.

Key Features to Look For

Wondering how to select luggage for winter travel? There are certain factors you’ll want to consider when buying luggage. The following are key features winter luggage should have:

  • Weather Resistance & Durability

Generally, the best bags for cold seasons are those with hard, durable exteriors that are water resistant.

  • Size and Capacity

Since winter outerwear and accessories are not fun to cram in tiny bags, a spacious suitcase is essential. Look for luggage with a larger capacity and expandable compartments. Lightweight luggage is also preferable, so it doesn’t add to the weight of the heavy winter gear inside.

  • Mobility & Ease of Maneuvering

There’s nothing worse than having luggage that is a burden to move around with. Choose a suitcase that glides smoothly with spinner wheels to provide effortless movement and easy navigation.

Types of Cold Weather Luggage

The best luggage for cold climates includes:

  • Wheeled suitcases with weather-resistant materials

This type of luggage is the most convenient to get around with and will maintain its style and function in cold weather conditions, even when wet with rain or snow

A hard-shell suitcase can save the day during winter, as it can resist water when snow melts. However, soft-sided luggage is usually lighter and less bulky. Pick which type is best for your needs and preferences.

  • Backpacks designed for winter conditions

If your winter trip is going to be an active one and you don’t mind packing like a minimalist, a backpack designed for winter conditions, such as the Large Cargo Backpack, will likely be your best option.

A typical summer backpack will be too small and unfit for winter conditions. A waterproof or resistant pack capable of holding thicker layers, more gear, and extra snacks will make your cold-weather adventures much more enjoyable.

Packing Tips for Cold Weather Travel

There are different ways to pack for different climates. Many winter items are bulky and take up a lot of space in suitcases or bags. When packing for the holidays or a winter trip, free up room in your carry-on or main suitcase by wearing your bulkiest items onto your flight, like a thick jacket and heavy shoes.

Plan your outfits carefully, packing only one coat, one pair of winter shoes, and one of each winter accessory. Utilize packing cubes (available for both carry-on and checked luggage) to arrange your clothes in the most organized and efficient way and layer items to maximize luggage space. If you’ll be bringing a suit or fancy dress for an upscale celebration or evening out, a garment sleeve is a must.

For even more convenience, pack your toiletries and essentials in a durable case or in pouches to make them easy to find and use when needed. Depending on what you’ll be doing on your trip, you may want to bring one or more of these items for cold weather trips.

Enhance Your Travel Experience with the Right Luggage

When traveling in cold weather or to a cold weather climate, it’s essential to plan and prepare in advance. This includes ensuring you have the best luggage for winter travel, as well as cold weather travel essentials.

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