Packing for the Holidays

Packing for the Holidays

Heading home for the holidays and wondering what to pack for Christmas vacation? Since holiday trips to see family are usually less than a week, we’ve put together a guide that will help you when packing to go home.

Find out what essentials to pack so you don’t find yourself without something you need, while leaving room to bring gifts for family members – and the gifts you’ll be going back with.


What to Pack for the Holidays

Not sure how to pack for a five-day trip (or less)? With a trip this short, a quality carry-on is the way to go. Don’t overthink things or overpack by bringing “just in case” items. For this type of trip, less is definitely more.

Below is our holiday list of things to pack. Follow this guide and you’ll be all set to travel light and enjoy the holidays with loved ones.

  • Warm, waterproof coat

Unless you'll be spending the holidays in a state (or country) where the weather is warm year-round, a jacket or coat that will keep you warm and dry is a must. And, if you are lucky enough to be headed to a location with a warm climate, it’s still a good idea to bring a lightweight fleece or hoodie for when the temperatures drop in the evening.

  • Winter accessories

A hat and gloves are a must if you’ll be spending the holidays in a cold climate – especially if you’ll be spending any length of time outdoors partaking in seasonal activities.

  • Travel-friendly shoes

Comfortable shoes are always a must for traveling, no matter where you’re headed or how long your trip is. And a short trip home for the holidays is no exception. Slip-ons are highly recommended for convenience – especially when it comes to going through airport security.
  • Just the right number of outfits

Bring 4-5 tops that you can mix and match with 2-3 bottoms to create different outfits, a set of pajamas and, of course, enough socks and underwear. That’s really all you need (with the possible exception of the item below).

  • Dressy outfit

If dining at an upscale restaurant or going to a theater to see a live performance is on your agenda during this trip, then you’ll want to include a more formal outfit on your home for the holidays packing list. While you may not need wedding attire, you’ll want to bring an outfit that’s dressier than a pair of jeans and a sweater.

  • Charging pack

A slim and lightweight portable charger is one major convenience (and, dare we say, necessity) when traveling. It will certainly help keep you sane if you happen to experience any sort of travel delay, short or long.

  • Large tote

With all of your clothing - and potentially some gifts – going into your carry-on luggage, you’ll still want a durable, spacious bag for your other essentials, such as personal hygiene items, keys, a wallet, phone, reading material, a laptop, and any other little extras. Our Large Shopping Tote is the perfect solution.


With this packing list for Christmas, you’ll be able to pack quickly, easily and with confidence. And you’ll reap the benefits of traveling lightly! Shop Briggs and Riley to find the best bag for your trip and see our Holiday Gift Guide to get our recommendations on the best gifts for travelers (yourself included).

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