Whether you’ve packed a lightweight duffle bag for traveling or a trip to the gym, chances are you probably aren’t thinking of the history of the duffle bag — and that’s understandable. To give you a brief lowdown, the name comes from the town of Duffel in Belgium, where the bag’s thick and sturdy cloth was initially produced. The term “duffle bag” became associated with a sizable, cylindrical bag securely closed at the top with a zipper — sometimes a drawstring. 

Duffle bags have also long been associated with the military going back as far as WWI, but at that time, these bags weren’t nearly as functional as the travel duffle bags of today. Over the years, improvements were made, and the best travel duffel bag started to become used by mainstream consumers — and that’s where we come in. 

Modern-Day Innovation

When it comes to innovation, Briggs & Riley has really given this timeless staple a carry-on duffle bag upgrade to help you quickly pack and navigate the trenches known as the airport. Our Suiter Duffle is a stylish interpretation of the classic, but with the bonus of effortlessly morphing into a garment bag. 

The Addition of Wheels

If you’re looking to invest in a large or medium duffle bag, we’ve added the convenience of wheels so that you can pack more clothing and personal belongings but without having to sacrifice your shoulder and back. Not to mention, our expandable duffle bags allow you to pack as many clothes and personal items as possible — consider it one of the best large duffle bags for travel.

Compliments Additional Luggage

Weekender duffle bags are the perfect weekend getaway essential or complement to all of your other luggage if you’re packing for a long journey. They serve as the ideal onboard bag or personal item for those essential items you didn’t want to put in your checked bag. Additionally, our interlocking handle system makes it easy to stack your overnight bag atop any Briggs & Riley Upright® or Spinner for seamless transportation of two bags as one.

What type of duffle bag suits your needs? 

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