You’ve invested in luggage you love and want it to last a lifetime. Although luggage repair can often be avoided by investing in durable bags, there are times when even the top-quality bags need some care and maintenance.

Be sure to keep your luggage looking and functioning at its best with Briggs & Riley’s luggage repair. We proudly stand behind our stylish, quality luggage and provide an unconditional lifetime guarantee. We also offer a variety of convenient repair options to keep your luggage in top shape: DIY suitcase repair, our extensive repair network, and sending us your bag.

Repair Option 1: DIY Luggage Repair

Feeling handy or need a quick fix on your Briggs & Riley bag? Expedite your repair by taking advantage of the variety of self-repair kits we have available. Our kits to repair luggage include wheel repair kits, handle repair kits, zipper pull kits, and more.

How To Repair Luggage Wheels

Most loose or broken luggage wheels are easy to fasten or replace yourself. The most common problem with luggage wheels is that they come loose or fall off. To fix wheels yourself, simply screw the wheel back on or fasten the screws with a screwdriver. Note that the screw needs to be attached firmly enough to make the bag sturdy when it’s being wheeled around when its fully packed.

However, sometimes wheels get stuck or broken and will need to be replaced. In this case, the first step is to buy a DIY luggage wheel repair kit with replacement wheels for your specific luggage. Then put the new wheel(s) on and you’re ready to roll!

How To Repair Luggage Handles

The main issues with luggage handles are that they either tear off, fall off , or they jam and/or become difficult to operate.

To replace luggage handles, you’ll need to purchase new handles, remove the old handles, and then attach the new handles to the luggage. Note that, while it can be easy to replace luggage handles yourself, some handles are more challenging to replace then others. If you’re experiencing the latter, feel free to reach out to our repair center for help determining the best repair option for your luggage.

How To Repair a Luggage Zipper

The most common problems with luggage zippers are that they get stuck, tangled, or get damaged to the point where they need to be replaced.

For a zipper that’s stuck, the best way to dislodge it is to apply wax along the teeth of the zipper. You can get special luggage zipper lubricants, but candle wax can also do the trick. Pro tip: Wax metal zippers regularly to prevent them from coming stuck and decrease the chances of them being more susceptible to damage.

If the zipper on your luggage is broken, then you’ll need to replace it. If the zipper is damaged beyond repair and needs to be replaced, it makes sense to have it professionally replaced rather than trying the DIY route.

Repair Option 2: Briggs & Riley Repair Network

If your luggage is in need of repair beyond the DIY option, you can send or bring your bag to one of our authorized repair centers that are located throughout the world.

Find a repair center near you and contact them before bringing or shipping your bag to discuss the details of your repair.

Repair Option 3: Send Us Your Bag

Finally, you can have us take care of your bag for you. If your bag needs some extra TLC or care, we recommend sending it directly to one of Briggs & Riley’s Official Company Repair Centers. To do so, create a repair authorization number (RA). You can obtain an RA number here. 

If you’re a Canadian or International customers, please contact Customer Service at

UK residents, please visit for the repair process.


Not sure where to start? Give our repair center a call to find the best luggage repair option for you. Be sure to also check out the commonly asked questions related to repairs in our general FAQ section. Whether you’re looking for repair advice or tips on how to keep your luggage protected, we’ve got you covered.


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