How to Pack a Suit in a Carry-On

How to Pack a Suit in a Carry-On

Picture this. You’re en route to your next business meeting or formal event and you arrive at your hotel only to find that your suit is completely crumpled inside your bag. You’re on a tight schedule, so you certainly don’t have time to take it for dry cleaning. The little time you do have should be spent rehearsing your presentation or hitting cocktail hour, not ironing the wrinkles out of your suit. Luckily, this scenario is completely preventable. Follow these simple packing tips for the best ways to pack a suit that will allow you to go seamlessly from carry-on to buttoned-up without missing a beat. 

Before Anything Else, Choose the Correct Bag

Before packing a suit, you have to  choose the correct bag. Look no further than our  Baseline Domestic Carry-on Spinner. This stylish solution for traveling with business or formal attire will not only allow you to skip the garment bag (and the iron), but you’ll also be able to breeze past baggage claim upon arrival.

Make Use of Spare Dry Cleaning Bags

Did you know those extra dry cleaning plastic bags can perform a double duty? Stuff them into the sleeves and place them between items to keep the fabric from rubbing. Voila! Unwrinkled upon arrival. And here’s a little-known secret: There’s no need to keep your suit separate from your shirt and tie. Packing a suit with these items means that everything will come out of your suitcase wrinkle-free.

Use the Weaving Packing Method

If you’re packing multiple pairs of pants, try the weaving method. Alternate pairs as you pack and fold the pant legs over each other as if you’re weaving them together. You’ll be able to fit more into your carry-on and ensure that everything stays wrinkle-free. 

Pack to Avoid Wrinkles and Creases

One of the best ways to pack a suit includes considering its construction. This extra detail will help you prevent a crumpled mess upon arrival to your destination. For example, if the inner jacket lining is silky, turn it inside out to avoid wrinkling—the shoulders are likely to be structured, so tuck them into one another when folding with the goal of lining them up seam to seam as close as possible. Next, fold the suit in half (lengthwise) so that the front lapels are lined up and the sleeves are lying flat against one another. Fold one more time horizontally. Lastly, fold the pants around the jacket to avoid those pesky sharp creases. 

The Best Hangers for Packing a Suit

You may not always require hangers, but when you do, be sure to use the wire variety. instead of a standard, plastic hanger. Not only are they thinner, but they make for an easier fit inside a carry-on. We know that packing room is precious, so this is a major plus when packing a suit.

Mind the Packing (and Unpacking) Order

And finally, as an extra measure that your suit doesn’t get creased under the pressure of everything else you’ve packed, make sure it’s the last thing you put in your suitcase and the first thing you unpack upon arrival.

Last, But Not Least

Don’t let a wrinkled suit hold you back from making a polished first impression. Once you’ve mastered the best ways to pack a suit, you’ll be able to spend less time performing damage control and more time wowing your biggest client or tearing it up on the dance floor at that destination wedding.

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