Whether you’re an avid skier or not, if you want things to do during winter beyond the slope, there are plenty of outdoor winter adventures to enjoy. Try some of the winter activities below to enjoy being physically active while experiencing nature in a winter wonderland.

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Exquisite Activities to Experience the Magic of Winter

Winter isn’t only about skiing! Check out these other amazing winter activities that will have you experiencing all the magic winter has to offer.

Snowshoeing in Pristine Landscapes

Snowshoeing is a relaxing way to explore the mountains in winter and is great for people of all ages and fitness levels. The best part about snowshoeing is that it allows you to enjoy a serene experience in snowy terrains that aren’t possible with other winter activities. You can take your time exploring at your own pace and can truly appreciate the beauty of untouched landscapes.

Dog Sledding: A Blend of Adventure and Tradition

Dog sledding originated in Indigenous communities in the Arctic, where they were an essential part of the culture and lifestyle. In these areas, dog sleds were (and in some places, still are) the main method of transportation during the winter.

As a recreational winter activity, dog sledding involves harnessing one or more dogs to a sled, which is then pulled along a track. It’s a unique, thrilling activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Ice Skating in Iconic Locations

Ice skating is one winter activity that never gets old. And ice skating in renowned places is even more enchanting, offering picturesque backdrops or views of landmarks with historical significance. Some fabulous spots in the United States include the National

Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., Rockefeller Center in NYC, Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, and Beaver Creek Village in Colorado. 

Snowmobiling Adventures

Snowmobiling is one of the best ways to experience the backcountry wilderness in the winter. You’ll love the rush of whipping around across vast, untouched snowy expanses. Not to mention, snowmobiling is the perfect mode of transportation to take you from one outdoor adventure to another. 

Unwind and Relax: Calmer Winter Pleasures 

If you’re in the mood for less heart-pumping winter activities, you’ll love these winter pleasures. 

Gazing at the Northern Lights 

There’s no experience quite like witnessing the aurora borealis. Gazing at the Northern Lights is truly mesmerizing and should be on everyone’s bucket list. 

Reveling in Nature's Spa: Hot Springs

Dipping in a natural hot spring during the winter provides a therapeutic and luxurious experience like no other. If this appeals to you, you’ll want to check out some of the best hot springs in winter, like Chena Hot Springs in Alaska, Terwilliger Hot Springs in Oregon, and Ruby Valley Hot Springs in Nevada. 

Gearing Up for Your Winter Getaway

Once you’ve decided which winter activities you’re going to take part in, you’ll want to make sure you have the right gear for your trip and pack accordingly.

Packing Right for Different Climates

Do your research on the climate for where you’ll be headed and pack what you’ll need for the climate to be both comfortable and stylish. Check the weather in advance and try to pack items that will serve double duty, such as shoes that will be comfortable for both daytime and evening outings. Also, be sure to bring the right clothing and gear for the winter activities you’ll be doing.

Choosing the Perfect Luggage for Winter Travel

Having durable and spacious luggage for winter gear and clothing will make your travels a lot more convenient and enjoyable. The last thing you want is luggage that is inconvenient to haul around or doesn’t properly hold your belongings.

Briggs & Riley’s hard-shell luggage collection is ideal for winter travels, with spinner wheels for ease of movement even in tight spaces, as well as an expansion and compression system that provides more space when needed, making it easier to pack bulky items for your winter travels.

Planning the Ideal Winter Staycation

If you’re looking for a home away from home, another lovely winter travel idea not to be overlooked is a getaway to a cozy cabin. During a winter cabin stay, you can stay cozy under a blanket while sipping some wine or hot chocolate and watching a movie or reading a book - all while viewing a beautiful blanket of snow outside from the comfort of your cabin.

Start Planning

Now that you see the fun activities to do in the winter beyond the slopes start planning your winter adventure now. Whichever activities you choose to explore, remember the importance of being well-prepared with the right luggage and gear and packing accordingly.

Embrace winter in all its glory, equipped with the right gear and luggage from Briggs & Riley.