Be it business or pleasure, choosing which luggage to bring on your next trip can be a bit frustrating. If you get a bag that’s too large for a short weekend getaway, you’re liable to overpack. On the flip side, too small of a suitcase for an extended trip will limit your packing options. Not to worry. We’ve put together various luggage sets to take the guesswork out of choosing the best bags for your trip. 


Short 1-3 Day Trip For Work

Cargo Backpack & Domestic Carry On Spinner Luggage Set

When you’re taking a short one-to-three-day trip for work, a 2-piece luggage set is all you need. 

One direction you can go is starting with our @work Large Cargo Backpack as your personal item. As the name suggests, Briggs & Riley’s @work collection is perfect for the business traveler. Our large, modern-day pack has a cavernous main compartment with dedicated pockets and pouches for every business essential. It also fits most 17" laptops. 

Next, pack all your clothing, accessories, and toiletries in the Baseline Domestic Carry-On Expandable Spinner. Thanks to four spinning wheels and 360° navigation, it’s easy to get around the airport. This carry-on features CX technology, expanding the bag by up to 25% when more packing space is needed, then compressing back down to original size for overhead storage. To make the packing process more efficient, we’re throwing in a set of our Small Luggage Packing Cubes, the ultimate way to stay organized on the go. 

Tote &  Sympatico Domestic Carry-On Luggage Set

Our Baseline Traveler Tote is a simple yet effective option if you don’t want a large personal item. It’s spacious, durable, and the comfortable leather shoulder straps make this one easy carry-on. The Sympatico Domestic Carry-On Spinner is the perfect size for a short business trip in the States. Despite being a piece from a hard case luggage set, it’s designed with our CX® technology meets hardside luggage, letting you expand for 22% more space and then compress back to original size. To help you make use of that space, we’re giving you a set of our Small Luggage Packing Cubes, as with our other spinner luggage sets. 

Long 4+ Day Trip for Work

Large Backpack and Medium Expandable Spinner Luggage Set

For an extended work trip, you’re going to need some more space. Our @work Large Cargo Backpack was designed with the business traveler in mind. Along with being stylish, it has plenty of room to fit all of your business essentials and laptop. You’re not going to want to cram all of your clothes in a carry-on, so choose the Baseline Medium Expandable Spinner with enough packing space for any 3-6 day trip. It’s equipped with our CX® technology for extra room and four double swivel wheels for easy mobility. Use the Large Travel Packing Cubes to make the packing process a breeze. 

Large Tote & Large Expandable Spinner Luggage Set

Perhaps you want to downsize your personal item but wish to have more space in your checked bag. No problem. We’ve got a weekend luggage set for you. Our Baseline Large Shopping Tote is smaller than our duffles and packs but still provides impressive space. Its exterior is crafted from ballistic nylon, providing the ultimate durability. Our Sympatico Large Expandable Spinner is the bag for those who refuse to leave anything behind, so it’s great for any type of trip, not just business. Thanks to the supreme durability of the Makrolon® polycarbonate case, it’s a suitcase that will be with you for many travels to come. Because it can be hard to find items in a more oversized bag, we’re including our Large Travel Packing Cubes


Weekend Fun Getaway

Large Duffle Bag & Cargo Backpack Luggage Set

There’s nothing like taking off on an exciting weekend getaway, but figuring out how to pack can take the wind out of your sails. One suggestion we have is to start with our ZDX Large Travel Duffle. Despite being the right size to fit in the overhead compartment (even when packed to the brim!), you’d be surprised at how much it can hold. Our ZDX Cargo Backpack is perfect for packing all of your electronics, some clothing, and accessories, but it can also be used on your trip when you decide to take that scenic hike. 

Carry-On Expandable Spinner & Medium Backpack Luggage Set

Suppose your weekend getaway involves several changes of clothing. Then you need a suitcase like the ZDX Domestic Carry-on Expandable Spinner. It offers 2.5” of expansion depth and still fits in an overhead compartment, making the difference between having to check a bag or not — and save time and money. Even though the Delve Medium Backpack is great for business, it’s suitable for a weekend getaway too. 


Family Vacation

Medium Expandable Spinner & Cargo Backpack Luggage Set

Packing for the entire gang is an event in itself, but don’t stress. We’ve got the perfect family luggage set — and no, you don’t need a million bags. The ZDX Medium Expandable Spinner provides plenty of packing space. It features 2.5” of zippered expansion depth and our patented Outsider® handle for a flat, roomier interior. Oh, and you’ll appreciate the separate PVC-lined pocket for everyone’s dirty laundry. Store everyone’s electronics and miscellaneous essentials with the ZDX Cargo Backpack and extra clothing items such as pullovers that will be easy to grab when the temperature changes. To help separate everyone’s goods, we’re adding a set of our Large Travel Packing Cubes.

Large Expandable Spinner, Traveler Tote & Duffle Luggage Set

Suppose you’re traveling with a larger family or you need more space for, say, a European excursion or ski trip. In that case, you’re going to need a couple of our Sympatico Large Expandable Spinners — it’s the type of bag for those who don’t believe in minimizing the packing experience. It features the Briggs & Riley CX® system for 25% more space. 

Next, you’ll need a spacious carry-on personal item, such as the Baseline Traveler Tote, to fit electronics, reading material, snacks, and other travel essentials. If you need a dedicated space for special occasion wear, our Baseline Garment Duffle is a 2-in-1 bag that transforms from a duffle to a hanging garment bag and back again with incredible ease. To make packing and unpacking more manageable, we’re giving you a set of our Large Travel Packing Cubes — the ultimate way to keep the fam organized on the go. 


No matter what type of luggage set you need, we understand that it’s an investment, which is why we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our bags. While we can’t promise you that all of your trips will go off without a hitch, we can guarantee that your Briggs & Riley luggage will be with you through good times and bad — even if it needs a repair or two along the way. Where will your luggage set take you? 

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