Suitcases go through a lot of wear and tear, making it likely that at some point something on it will break while you’re traveling. If you’re up for taking on a suitcase repair while away from home, you’ll be able to fix an inconvenient issue without much of a hassle.

Find out how to fix the most common broken suitcase issues below.

How to Fix a Suitcase Zipper

Let’s face it. Suitcase zippers are susceptible to breaking, splitting, pinching, and ripping. If you learn how to fix simple zipper problems, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble in the event you end up with a broken zipper on your luggage.

When faced with a broken zipper, first check to make sure a piece of cloth or thread isn’t stuck in it. If all is clear, look at the individual teeth next. If any of them are sticking out, straighten them with a plier.

If your zipper pull has come off, you’ll need to replace it. Use pliers to take the slider off
and attach the new zipper pull by sliding it back onto the teeth.

If your luggage zipper repair requires the entire zipper to be replaced, this may be the
time to see if you can find a repair shop that can do it for you for a reasonable price since this repair is more complex.

How to Fix a Luggage Handle

If your luggage handle breaks off, you’ll want to contact your luggage manufacturer for a replacement part. When you have the replacement handle, release the broken handle, put the replacement on, and tighten the screws.

If your handle isn’t easily retracting in or out, it might have a bent casing or debris inside the shaft. To inspect the shaft, loosen the screws and release the handles. Sometimes the fix is as simple as a good cleaning and lubricant. If your handles are bent, however, try straightening them out.

How to Fix Suitcase Wheels

When suitcase wheels stop working properly, it quickly becomes annoying. Thankfully,
wheels aren’t difficult to fix or replace.

If your wheels are squeaky, clean the wheel caster of any debris and lubricate it with any type of silicone lube.

If you need to replace a wheel, order your new part from the manufacturer. Once you
have your new wheel, open your suitcase and unzip the liner to get to the nut bolts
holding the wheel screws in place. Pay attention to how the wheel is positioned before
removing it, then try to imitate where it’s placed with the new wheel before screwing it in. Test it to make sure it’s not wobbly or unbalanced.

How to Fix a Broken Backpack

There are several issues you may run into with a backpack. Rips and tears are one of the common ones and can be fixed quickly and easily with fabric glue or duct tape. Simply apply the glue or tape to the torn area, covering both sides of the tear. For larger tears, you’ll need to sew the fabric back together with a needle and thread.
If your backpack zipper is stuck or broken, try applying a little bit of lip balm or Vaseline to the zipper teeth. If that doesn’t work, you can use a zipper repair kit to fix it.

And if your backpack straps are loose or coming apart, you can use a sewing kit to
reinforce the stitching.

Now that you’re equipped to handle minor suitcase repairs, you don’t need to stress if part of your suitcase gets damaged while traveling. However, before you start repairing
anything, be sure to check your luggage manufacturer’s warranty because you may be
entitled to a brand-new replacement.

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