Business Travel: Essential Luggage for the Elite Professional

Business travel has changed over the years. Technological advancements have led to
changes in reservation systems, payment systems, airplanes, travel policies, security, and more. And along with these changes, business travelers themselves have changed.

Modern business travelers have different needs and tastes than business travelers from years ago. They know what they want when it comes to traveling and expect luggage that combines style, functionality, and the durability needed for business travel.

The Non-Negotiables: Business Travel Essentials

There are some basic luggage items that are non-negotiable no matter what type of
business traveler you are or how often you travel.

Luggage That Speaks Professionalism

First and foremost, business travel luggage that reflects professionalism is a must-have. Just like your outfit is important in making a first impression, so is your luggage. The best luggage for business travel is modern and chic yet has all the features to make your travel experience more convenient. The pieces in our @work collection were designed specifically for today’s business traveler, offering all the features you expect and more.

Tech-Friendly Features

Tech-friendly features are also non-negotiable when it comes to luggage for the modern business traveler. It’s important to have luggage with compartments designed for tech gadgets like laptops, tablets, and accessories like chargers and earbuds. Briggs & Riley’s laptop backpacks are tailored for the tech-savvy professional and are a breeze to take anywhere.

Organizational Prowess

Luggage for business travelers needs compartments for non-tech items like documents, clothes, and other essentials, which is critical for staying organized. You’ll want easy access to these items during security checks and while in-flight so make sure your luggage has this feature.

Beyond the Basics: Elevating Your Business Travel Experience

Once you have the luggage with all essential features, you’ll want some business travel accessories to make your trips more convenient.

Accessories for the Modern Professional

Having the right accessories can add a great deal of convenience and comfort to your
trips, elevating your business travel experience. A few items that are worth getting that you’ll use on every trip include travel organizers, passport covers, and tech accessories.

Durability Meets Style

The best carry-on luggage for business travel not only meets the functional requirements to endure business travel but should exude style and sophistication. Briggs & Riley’s @work and Sympatico collections deliver this perfect blend, making them ideal when traveling for business.

Security Features

Luggage with security features is critical, especially when it comes to business travelers carrying confidential information. When shopping for luggage, look for security features like TSA-approved locks and RFID-blocking compartments.

Making the Right Choice: Tailored Solutions for Every Professional

When determining which luggage will be best suited for your travel needs, you’ll need to take the nature and frequency of your business trips into consideration. The following features are important for any business traveler.

  • Material - Pick the best material for your traveling purposes. As a business traveler,
    durability is key.
  • Mobility - Ease of mobility is important for all business travelers, so you most likely
    want luggage with spinning wheels and an easy-to-use handle system.
  • Utility – If you travel with a lot of business documents and other items for
    meetings, you’ll need luggage with lightweight, large compartments to hold them
    and also be able to access them easily.

Invest in Quality

Don’t skimp on luggage. Investing in high-quality luggage tailored for business travel will provide long-term benefits that far exceed the initial cost.

The Right Luggage & Accessories Elevate Business Travel

Having the right luggage and accessories for business travel to meet your needs will
elevate your trips and help you travel in style with more ease.

Explore Briggs & Riley's collections tailored for the discerning business traveler to find the perfect luggage for you.