If one of your least favorite parts about traveling is waiting in crowds at the airport before your flight boards, then you may want to consider getting airport lounge access.

Airport lounges are designated areas within an airport where certain travelers can enjoy benefits and comforts that exceed a typical airport terminal. They provide an
alternative for those who want a more private and exclusive experience during
travel downtimes or who would like a little pampering during a long connection.

Not familiar with what’s in an airport lounge? These
spaces provide more peace and quiet, free food and beverages, complimentary Wi-Fi, and some even offer luxury travel experiences like a massage, airport lounge showers, and more.

If airport lounge access sounds appealing, find out about the different tiers of airport lounges to determine which one is best for you so you can create the perfect lounge
experience to enhance your travels.

Navigating the Tiers of Airport Lounges

Most airport lounges fall into one of the 3 tiers. Find out more about each tier to identify which one is the best fit for you.

Tier One: Entry-Level Lounges

The first tier consists of entry-level lounges. These consist of contract lounges, credit card lounges, and membership lounges. Priority Pass is one of the most popular members-only airport lounges.

Some airports have their own lounges, but those that don’t contract with third-party owned lounges. These lounges are often operated by a credit issuer and cardmembers with a certain status (such as American Express Platinum cardholders), automatically gain access.

Members-only lounges, like Priority Pass, are independent of any airline or credit issuer. They are accessible via membership or by paying for daily access.

This tier is excellent if you mostly or solely travel domestically, giving you special perks during the time you spend in airports. However, there’s a cost involved, either having to pay a membership fee or a daily fee. In the case of a credit card lounge, you would need to qualify by having a certain status as a cardholder with the credit issuer.

Tier Two: International Business Class Lounges 

If you do a fair amount of international travel, looking into this second tier may be worthwhile. International Business Class Lounges offer enhanced amenities that are tailored for long-haul business class travelers, such as gourmet dining and premium relaxation spaces. These lounges can help you relax, get some much-needed rest, and alleviate any travel stress. 

Tier Three: International First-Class Lounges 

For those who do a lot of international travel, having access to third-tier lounges can make your airport experiences exceptional. In these lounges, you’ll enjoy unparalleled luxury and bespoke services like spa treatments and private suites.

Getting access is well worth it if you travel internationally at least once a quarter and are definitely worth it if your international trips are even more frequent.

Finding the Perfect Lounge Experience for You 

When designing your perfect lounge experience, be sure these features are available in whichever type of lounge you choose.

Resting Facilities for Long Layovers 

Look for lounges that feature resting facilities and airport lounge showers. These two features are especially important when traveling internationally, during extended connections, or in the event you have an unexpected layover. You’ll greatly appreciate being able to get some quality sleep and freshen up with a shower. 

Satisfying Culinary Cravings

If you’re taking a long-haul flight, you’ll want to take advantage of the lounge food available. The food in airport lounges is often better quality than what you’ll get during your flight, especially if you’re flying economy. Even if you’re flying business class, depending on the airline, the lounge food will likely be a better option to satisfy your appetite. 

Setting the Tone for Your Journey 

Spending time in an airport lounge and enjoying the amenities provided is a wonderful way to kick-start your trip with a celebratory mood and in a relaxed state. If this is how you envision beginning your trip, look for lounges that offer top-tier beverages and festive atmospheres.

Elevating Your Lounge Experience with the Right Luggage

Travelers who enjoy the airport lounge experience will want to enhance their travel journey with the right luggage. Traveling with quality and stylish luggage will not only complement your luxury vibe but will help you have a more convenient and hassle-free trip.

Sympatico Collection: The Elite Choice

Elite travelers require elite luggage. And our Sympatico luggage collection is the perfect match for your luxurious style and travel needs. This collection boasts unique features

tailored for the discerning traveler, including expandable hard side luggage that’s highly durable, additional roomy packing space thanks to our CX® Compression-Expansion system, and an upscale style that will perfectly fit in with the lounge experience.

Maximizing Your Personal Item in the Lounge 

To get the most out of your lounge experience and elite luggage, be sure to pack your personal items efficiently. Some top tips for maximizing your personal item are: 

  • Use packing cubes to fully maximize your space
  • Pack the minimal amount of clothing you need, bringing items you can mix and match
  • Dress in layers and wear bulky items like hoodies or coats

Craft Your Luxury Travel Experience 

When you’re looking to enjoy a luxurious travel experience, you’ll want to get access to airport lounges. Do your research on the different lounge tiers and the amenities offered to figure out which lounge experience will best suit your needs. 

Additionally, ensure you have quality luggage that will live up to your travel needs, help provide a seamless lounge experience, and complement your exclusive preferences. The Briggs & Riley Sympatico collection is the perfect choice to enhance your lounge experience with elegant style.