The Baseline Collection: Your Professional Travel Companion

Luggage can make or break a business traveler's experience. If you travel a lot for work, you’ll want to find the best luggage for business travel to make all your trips more convenient. And our Baseline business luggage delivers both top-quality engineering and classic style.
Discover the various types of luggage in this collection, from spinners and rolling duffle bags to traveler backpacks and luggage sets and more. Find business travel luggage that meets your needs when you shop Baseline.

Baseline Basics

Created for convenience and durability, our popular Baseline collection will bring more
ease to your business trips – from packing and boarding through checking in and out of your hotel and traveling back home.
This collection features lightweight bags that won't break en route, have plenty of
packing capacity and organizational compartments, and fit easily into overhead bins. This luggage is comfortable to travel with, durable, and easily maneuverable, making it the best business trip luggage.

Baseline for Business Travel

When shopping our Baseline collection, be sure to check out our pieces specifically
designed for business travel. This collection includes the best carry-on luggage for
business trips, with spinners and cabin bags available in various colors and sizes. These carry-on bags won’t weigh you down and are easy to move with, making it easy to wheel around airports, hotels, and sidewalks.

Baseline for Personal Travel

While Baseline luggage is excellent for business travel, these pieces are also fabulous for personal travel. There are weekend bags for short getaways with friends or family,
garment bags if traveling with formal clothing for a wedding, anniversary celebration, or another special occasion, and tote bags and backpacks that are ideal for day trips or exploring your local area.

Travel Smoothly with Baseline

Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure. on your next trip, take a B&R bag with you. Shop our Baseline collection to find the best luggage for business travel.